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Cellar Maison is featured in the latest online edition – CLICK HERE to read the article in full.

In the below excerpt, Managing Director of Cellar Maison, Andrew Speer is interviewed:

‘Wine and food culture in Britain is rapidly evolving. Within the next decade, a climate- controlled wine-storage room or wall will be as common in a prime residence as a well-appointed kitchen or a home cinema,’ says Andrew Speer, MD of Cellar Maison, which designs bespoke wine walls, pods and cellars. Its clients typically spend from £40,000 to £250,000, ‘and may have a few thousand bottles in bond and another 500 to 2,000 at home for personal enjoyment,’ says Speer, from New Zealand’s wine-growing Marlborough region, whose collaboration with master of wine Marina Gayan includes profiling clients’ palates to help them build their fine-wine collection. ‘Many wine lovers and investors who’ve previously kept their collection in bonded storage now want a bespoke wine cellar. They’ll bring home mature, “ready-to-drink” bottles and create a unique environment there to allow them to appreciate their collection,’ says Speer.

The concept of having a wine cellar in the home is increasingly considered an essential feature, rather than an optional add on. Property developers and architects report their clients are eager to enjoy wine within their home, in a stylish setting but with the practicalities of a fully functional wine display that keeps their collection, whether large or small, in optimal condition.

Signature Wine Walls, Wine Pods and Wine Cellars from Cellar Maison can be viewed here in our gallery. For commercial and private home owner inquiries, please do get in touch with us for a free quote and discussion around your requirements.

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We’re delighted to share the following review from a client in Wimbledon, London:

We approached Cellar Maison to create a bespoke wine wall that doubled as a room divider. The result is fabulous. Our wine is on display at the correct temperature and the room we weren’t using has now become a study and second lounge area. Andrew and Nick have an amazing product which they deliver with professionalism and personality. During the design process, Andrew and Nick listened carefully to our requirements both from a design and budget perspective and produced a great design. Installation was managed extremely well and each separate contractor used was polite and accommodating. They were a pleasure to have in our home. All time frames were met and we would have no hesitation in recommending Cellar Maison to anyone looking to create personalised wine storage. All our friends are very envious.
Stephanie, Wimbledon
Wine Wall - Able to be viewed from either side

Wine Wall – Able to be viewed from either side

The reverse side of the wine wall offers a lovely glow in the living area

The reverse side of the wine wall offers a lovely glow in the living area

Thank you from the whole team here at Cellar Maison.

It’s very touching to receive these personal responses to our cellar installations. Cellar Maison’s overarching intention  is to make each and every one of our cellars a wonderful feature in the home – or if commercial, a stunning addition to the bar or restaurant.
To contact us for inquiries about the perfect Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, please call or email us.
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Wine Wall Cellar Maison

Christie’s, the well known and highly esteemed art auction house, have a stylish cousin: Christie’s International Real Estate and their Luxury Defined website is full of the very best in architecture, art, bespoke living, food, wine and travel, interiors and design – All our favourite topics beautifully explored in articles for the discerning reader.

Their latest feature, How to Build the Perfect Wine Cellar has a detailed interview with Andrew Speer, our Cellar Maison director. The appeal of a home wine cellar is well recognised by private home owners as well as high end property developers we work alongside. The considerations to take into account when choosing the right cellar design, configuration and materials are key to the final outcome.

The full article is in the link above. Here is an excerpt:

We all dream of owning a fine collection of wines, with the perfect bottle for every occasion. And while, of course, assembling a “cellar” that’s the envy of all your friends will take years, there is no time like the present to start building the actual cellar in which you will keep it.

As with all aspects of home-building and interior design, trends for how and where to keep your beloved bottles have evolved over recent years. Traditionally, walk-in wine cellars were subterranean rooms, thanks to their ambient ground temperature, lack of natural light, and higher than normal humidity. While these remain in vogue, modern technology and clever design (as well as better building techniques) mean that a wine cellar, room, “pod”, or even a wall, can be installed anywhere there is space.


Cellar Maison’s bespoke wine rooms showcase clients’ collections, while keeping the bottles in optimum conditions.

Here is all you need to know about creating a home for your sure-to-be-legendary wine collection

Wine Rooms
As the name indicates, these are self-contained spaces, often existing “spare” rooms, fitted out with the technology to keep wines in optimum conditions. “Generally, an enclosed room without natural light is the most cost-effective to prepare, especially for larger collections,” says Andrew Speer, director of Cellar Maison, which creates bespoke wine rooms of all shapes and sizes. A consultation with Andrew begins with a discussion about a collection: ideal capacity, and storage needs (wines for entertaining, the laying down of fine wines, investment wines, and so on).

“Next, we look at the property layout and intended area where the wine room is to be positioned, to determine the preparation work required, such as any structural modification, insulation, or electrical wiring, and we advise on the most suitable climate-control system,” says Speer, who often works alongside a building contractor for this prep work. Then comes the fun bit, as Speer asks about design and style preferences – Cellar Maison’s site has a great planning tool that lets clients see all available options. After this, Speer and his team put forward their proposed designs for approval. 


Cellar Maison wine cellars are stylish and sophisticated and can be customized with your choice of materials and lighting.

Rebecca Wakefield, creative director at London-based property development company Banda comments: “Our clients now see a well-designed wine store as a crucial addition to their home, yet not all have the capacity for a cellar. With modern technology and creative thinking, homeowners can create storage within their existing space, be it hidden behind bookshelves or underground within vaults, ensuring that the wine room is not only stunning but in keeping with the rest of the property.”

Rebecca and her team recently installed a wine room hidden behind a bookcase in a large London private residence. The stunning room of around 43 square feet can store hundreds of bottles of wine in four fridges, and has a sink and plenty of space for glassware and equipment.

“Our clients often tell us that the wine cellar becomes the focal point during parties, and as such, a popular trend is building them larger, often with a table in the middle for tastings or dinner, or using barrels to create a standing area,” says Billy Heyman, managing director of renovations firm BTL Property, which has built many bespoke cellars. “It is also becoming more and more popular to fit sinks within the cellar for glass washing. In some cases, we’ve also seen homeowners link the cellar to a property’s AV system for mood lighting and music.”

Wine Walls and Pods
Ideal for smaller properties and pieds-à-terre, the wine wall offers all the benefits of a cellar or room but without the need for so much space. “Wine walls are proving to be one of our most popular installations,” notes Cellar Maison’s Speer. “Over the past 18 months, wine wall orders have overtaken our wine cellars and rooms. Our wine walls can be four feet in width and up to 20 feet high, and capacity can vary from 150 to 1,000 bottles or more depending on the space available, as well as the bottle arrangement.”


Wine walls, like this one designed by Cellar Maison for a five-star London hotel, store bottles behind framed or frameless glass with climate control, and feature LED back-lighting that can be color-coordinated to suit the look of a home.

Too many bottles for a wall but not enough space for a cellar? Then consider a wine “pod”. These enclosed spaces are climate-controlled as per a room or cellar, and usually enclosed in glass. They are often incorporated into kitchens or dining spaces.


Cellar Maison specialises in wine pods that are built into the corner of a room, either with a curved or square glass corner. Pods allow collections to be viewed by owners and guests, while keeping bottles stored at optimum temperature and humidity.

Cellar Maison wish to offer our thanks to Christie’s International Real Estate Magazine and Commissioning Editor, Steven Short.

For Cellar Maison inquiries, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3633 3286 or

Once again, Cellar Maison are honoured to be featured in Prime Resi. This time as well as online, we are in their latest print magazine too. This quarterly collection of their very best in luxury properties and interiors is a hefty volume  – certainly one to collect for those interested in the very best in quality and style.

Look for ‘Quarterly Edition’ by Prime Resi – Here is the link to buy online – Winter 2015/16 volume.

Cellar Maison have an interview published with Prime Resi entitled: Tasting Notes: How to Design the Perfect Wine Cellar.  You’ll see a great overview about the scope of the modern wine cellar and some ideas about how people are incorporating them into their homes, whatever the available space and style.

Click here for the article:

Prime Resi Article – Quarterly Volume

Prime Resi, published online daily, along with their print edition quarterly, are dedicated to collating and sharing the very best for discerning home owners as well as professionals in the interior design, architecture and property development field. We would like to offer our thanks for the inclusion in these latest Prime Resi publications.

And from us, Cellar Maison hope all is well with you! We are flying into 2016 bringing our clients’ wine cellar ideas to life.

Please contact us by email on or phone +44 (0)20 8242 4367 to talk to one of our professional consultants about the scope for a Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod in your home or your client’s home.

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Prime Resi, the UK’s premium online and print journal of luxury property, have put together an impressive collection of photos from homes with those ‘x-factor’ features. The selection was chosen as a festive season showcase.

Cellar Maison are featured with one of our signature hybrid style Wine Walls, installed in a contemporary, cutting-edge home in Battersea, London. The clear trend for wine cellars being installed in  private homes is highlighted once again. Popularity of wine cellars has certainly been heightened by their accessibility now, in comparison to the past where a large, underground space was required.

The good news today for those wishing to enjoy a home wine cellar, is the freedom to find a solution to fit your available space and budget. This can be either above ground – even in apartments, or below ground.  Cellar Maison provide a tailored service to suit every customer’s requirements, based on any of our three signature styles: Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods.

The best way to start, is either to give us a call, or have a play on our unique Online Design Planner which allows you to experiment with dimensions and features. The Cellar Maison team of consultants are always on hand to assist with your initial design ideas, right through to full installation.

Our thanks to Prime Resi for the inclusion. Hope you enjoy the collection of photos they’ve put together here:

Cellar Maison in Prime Resi

Cellar Maison’s contact details are:

+44 (0)20 8242 4367

Cellar Maison Wine Wall - Sketch Design

Cellar Maison Wine Wall – Sketch Design



Exclusively British Magazine is a high-end UK magazine focused on the height of luxury, style and the latest design trends. Cellar Maison are in the current issue with a Q&A with Managing Director, Andrew Speer.

Here you can see the full Q&A for Exclusively British Magazine – Very much relevant for anyone wishing to install a wine cellar in their new or existing house or apartment.

Detail of Wine Pod

Is there a trend for installing bespoke wine cellars currently in Britain?

Andrew: Yes, last year and during the course of 2015, we have we noticed at least a 30% increase in the number of enquiries from architects, developers and home owners looking for climate controlled wine cellars, wine walls and wine rooms. People want to have that special addition to their home – A wine cellar that is visually stunning, and stores their wine collection safely.

Our typical clients have a real passion for fine wine and food and simply enjoy collecting wine and having access to it for dinners and tastings with friends.

Are owners choosing to take out existing wine storage and install a more sophisticated solution?

Andrew: Definitely, we remove many existing wine storage racks to replace with our bespoke installations. Unfortunately many wine racks neglect the essential elements of climate control, humidity regulation and design aesthetics. All our cellars, wine walls and wine pods come with these components, as well as specialised lighting for display. We’ve also found that many wine lovers and investors who have previously kept their collections in bonded storage, are now wanting a bespoke wine cellar. They value and understand their wine and like to bring the mature ‘ready to drink’ wines home. Creating a unique environment for wine within their property allows them to appreciate their collection on a daily basis, it becomes a talking point when entertaining guests at home.

Do your clients perceive that having a bespoke wine cellar will add value to their property?

Andrew: We are working with high end property developers who, based on consumer research, are now incorporating a wine cellar or feature wine wall into their luxury new-build residential properties. This is a growing trend and I am confident that within the next decade, a climate controlled wine storage cellar or wall will become as common as a home theatre or a well-appointed kitchen is now in prime residences. The wine and food culture of Britain continues to evolve so rapidly.

Currently what are the most popular styles and features requested by your clients?

Andrew: Both our contemporary Wine Pods and our Wine Walls are proving to be in high demand. Walk-in Wine Pods are our most innovative signature cellar. They beautifully enclose a corner or section of a room in a specialised frameless glass “pod” and can be created with either a curved or square glass enclosure. They are sleek, visually stunning and allow optimum viewing of wine from outside, whilst maintaining the perfect storage conditions within. Wine Walls have the advantage of taking up very little floor space since they are fitted along an existing wall. The LED back-lighting is colour changeable to suit the individual style of the home. Our full Wine Cellar option is perfect when people have a whole room or large cupboard space to convert to a cellar.

How does it work when a home owner or designer want to find out more about your wine cellars?

Andrew: We offer innovative solutions that no other wine cellar company can provide, including a bespoke customer service. We have a team of consultants, designers, glass and refrigerator experts who work together to support home owners, high-end developers.

A new feature on our website we’re very pleased with is our Online Design Planner, it allows people to play with the styles and dimensions themselves or with the support of our consultants.

What size or bottle capacity can your cellar solutions house?

Andrew: It’s really unlimited in scope. Materials, features and dimensions are fully customisable and start with choosing from our three signature cellar designs. We are currently working on a 6m x 6m walk-in cellar to hold up to 2000 bottles; this is in a contemporary style with bronze metal-framed glass doors. Some of our smaller cellars, pods or walls can store as few as 200 bottles.

Contemporary Wine Wall - Client home in Esher

Contemporary Wine Wall – Client home in Esher

How was Cellar Maison born?

Andrew: Having been immersed in the bespoke furniture industry for 20 years, developing sound experience in the property market, the trade professionals I worked with identified a growing demand for a niche wine cellar specialist. Selecting a team of experts including a refrigeration engineer, architectural glass specialist, designer and joiner, Cellar Maison was formed.

I am a wine lover but I still have a lot to learn about viticulture. I grew up in the Marlborough region in New Zealand and this is the environment I was raised in. I wanted to get into the wine cellaring business because of personal interest and to support the huge cultural change that is happening in Britain with wine collection and investment.

Cellar Maison was inspired by acknowledging the French wine cave – paying homage to this ancient concept and combining it with modern technology.

Interior designers, property developers and architects work along side us with their home-owner clients too so that the whole process is professional and smooth.  If you have a home and would like to look at our three signature cellar solutions, Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods, you can try our unique Online Design Planner giving you the chance to play around with design and dimensions online.