What a year! We hope you’re all ready for a relaxing few days off with family and friends – and of course, have some festive bottles tucked away to share and enjoy.

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As 2016 draws to a close and we welcome in 2017, we’d like to take a moment to offer our sincere thanks to everyone we’ve worked with this year.
To both our private home-owner clients, and our professional partners in the design and property development space – It’s a real privilege to work with you in this exciting and creative area that encompasses the wonderful combination of wine and fine design.
All the best from the whole Cellar Maison team for a happy and healthy year ahead.

Below we have a few favourite moments of the Cellar Maison year we’d love to share with you.


2016 has proved to be a breakthrough year for Cellar Maison with technological advances, a new high capacity wine wall in our range and some standout projects installed in the UK and Europe. Cellar Maison’s notable achievements include two installations in a newly established Stanmore restaurant; a refurbished barn conversion which will now be the home to a 2000 bottle wine collection, and a limited edition Wine Carousel installed in the stairwell of a penthouse apartment in the King’s Library, Chelsea.

During the year we’ve featured a number of our newly installed Wine Cellars, Wine Pods and Wine Walls on our blog.
The photo above is an example of a new walk in Wine Pod with that has been designed as a special feature of our clients’ home. A bespoke cellar using contemporary and traditional materials, ambient lighting and fully climate control for optimum wine cellaring. The cellar sits stylishly behind our exclusive, custom-made frameless glass. See this particular Wine Pod in a full showcase coming up in January 2017.

Another highlight of the Cellar Maison year, is the fantastic partnership with wine advisory specialists, Gayan and Nathan. We love the dynamic duo of Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, one of the world’s few; along with chef and all round fun person, Helen Nathan. To offer our clients professional wine buying and cellaring advise, as well as individual palate profiling, puts a whole new spin on the joy of owning a cellar.

Below, Marina writes a letter about what they’re drinking at home this season, with some great recommendations. Then check Helen’s superbly tasty (and easy) canape idea.

Festive Drinks - Cellar Maison

Letter from Marina Gayan, Master of Wine – 

Christmas is a time to relax, indulge and share wi z es! Besides, trying to match wines to the diverse flavours of Xmas day lunch would be a nearly impossible task!

This year we are going classic and treating ourselves to Champagne and Burgundy, Louis Roederer & Leflaive Meursault (for my husband) and Etienne Sauzet Puligny-Montrachet (for me). When it comes to reds we will go both New World and Old World; starting with my dearest friend Steve Pannell’s gorgeously elegant and luscious S.C. Pannell Grenache from McLaren Vale followed by La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina, both favourites of ours.

But of course we are bracing ourselves for a Northern Hemisphere cold and gloomy Christmas day. If I were in Australia for example, in short sleeves and flip flops, I may opt for something lighter and fresher. Maybe a Clare Valley Riesling like Grosset Polish Hill, and I would probably go for something still refreshing but with more weight and an exotic edge, like Larry Cherubino’s Fiano from Frankland River. If I still craved Burgundy I would have a Chardonnay from Cullen in Margaret River or Neudorf from Nelson, New Zealand – that as you know is in my top list!

What will you be drinking?

Marina x
P.S. I would still have my SCP Grenache a bit more chilled!



Gayan and Nathan’s Helen Nathan, chef and food writer, shares a simple & super-delicious recipe for a canape to enjoy with drinks 

Makes 20 individual mouthfuls

Prepare: 10 minutes (especially if you can find some little helpers)
Cook: No cooking required
  • 10 slices Parma ham
  • 1 small creamy goat cheese log
  • 1 jar fig jam
  1. Cut each piece of Parma ham into two strips
  2. Cut a small piece of cheese and place this with a teaspoon of fig jam in centre of ham and roll up into a parcel. If you have the time/inclination, you can tie each parcel with a length of fresh chive to make Xmas parcels.
Make in Advance? Yes, these can be made the day before and kept in the fridge.



This year Cellar Maison exhibited at two major shows in the London Design Festival. It was great to meet so many of you there. We’re very proud of the Cellar Maison team who worked so hard to create and install two beautiful, custom made Wine Walls from our signature range. Also on display was one of our new, limited edition Wine Carousel. You can read more here about the shows – As well as the winner of our fabulous Cellar Maison / Gayan and Nathan competition!

We’ll keep you posted about both public and trade events coming up in 2017.

Thanks again from the whole Cellar Maison Team – Happy 2017!
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Our intrepid wine and food partners, Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan have been off in Portugal on a culinary research mission to Lisbon. Just one weekend unearthed some heavenly finds and here they share tips, ideas and details of what they ate and drank.

If it’s not already on your “Must Visit” list, it’s likely to be now.


Getting there: Lisbon is only 2 hours and 40 minutes from London – An easy flight and you’re there – what’s not to love for a wine and food centric weekend (or longer) away?


Gayan and Nathan specialise in wine advisory and specialist buying services for home cellars large and more modest. They also hold local events that beautifully facilitate awareness and knowledge of ones own palate and preferences in wine.  See a snapshot of a private evening for one wine loving couple here.

Helen’s food credentials make her the ideal match to Marina’s rare Master of Wine status. Their effervescent sense of fun makes them perfect travel guides as well local event hosts.

The Cellar Maison team, having experienced Marina and Helen’s unique wine and food offerings first hand, as well as seeing them work with our wine-collecting clients, recommend them to anyone – Give them a call or email with any questions. Details HERE on their site.

For all bespoke wine cellar inquiries, you can reach Cellar Maison HERE.

Thank you,

Cellar Maison Team

Traditional wine cellar (13) (Copy)

Detail from a Traditional style cellar by Cellar Maison

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Our collaboration with Gayan and Nathan has opened up a world of boutique, professional wine advisory services from top duo, Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan, a renowned chef and food writer. Marina is one of only a few hundred Master of Wine holders in the entire world.

To meet Marina and Helen, along with the Cellar Maison team, secure your tickets here for the extraordinary  Decorex 2016. We’ll be showcasing our Wine Walls, Wine Cellars and Wine Pods to designers and interested home owners. Marina and Helen will be answering your wine related questions around quality buying, cellaring and more.

Decorex Prize Draw: We have an exclusive Decorex Prize Draw to enter. Be in with a chance to WIN A Private Palate Profiling session and 6 bottles of expertly selected wine based on the winner’s palate.


The below article by Helen Nathan, gives a tantalising glimpse at of one of their exclusive Palate Profiling sessions and how very in depth, personal – and fun a night like this is.


Penthouse Palate Profiling!

Palate profiling is a very personal and often intimate experience. We can’t help but feel lucky that our clients open their minds and homes to us and are prepared to be led, with no preconceptions through a line up of wines – served blind. A few days ago we had the privilege and pleasure of guiding a wonderful couple, over a birthday dinner, through a red tasting where their favourite wines were noticeably absent!

The night began with us balancing bottles and beef in a tiny lift rather like contortionists from a crazy circus act up to their 5th floor Penthouse apartment. We emerged like two mad hatters to be greeted with incredible views overlooking Hammersmith’s Ark.

We started with a bit of a palate teaser, a glass of fizz (tasted blind of course) matched with 3 bowls of warm roasted almonds all with different flavours. Identifying them was the first step to engage their palates.

With an entree of freshly baked brioche and velvet smooth chicken liver parfait, Marina introduced the first flight of mystery reds. It’s very frustrating but ultimately liberating when you are told not to try and guess the grape variety or country of origin but purely focus on whether the filled glass pleases or displeases you. It is especially hard for an experienced wine lover, where the temptation to guess is almost too much to bear! Our guests last night gave in to our pleas and began to relax. Talk turned to tannins, mouth feel, structure, and ultimately life’s big question: ‘do I like this or not!’ Marina studiously took notes through out the night, asking leading questions, probing for specific answers that will lead her to fine tune her summary document. As a Master of Wine, she has tasted and analysed more wines than most people have had hot dinners. Over the years she has built up a ‘wine library’ in her head, which she uses to connect styles, regions, flavours and aromas. Joining dots, making links and correlations to help our clients unlock the mysteries of the wine world. Our view is that life is too short to drink wines that other people tell you you should like!

But I digress, next I served a four hour slow roasted jarret de boeuf (shin of beef) with another flight of reds. Our clients were getting into the swing of things now, relaxing and enjoying the blind wines presented to them. The wines were getting bigger and more complex, and their interaction with food saw the flavours changing and first impressions re-examined. Wines should be enjoyed with food but one man’s pleasure can be another’s pain – we all have our own preferences and there are no right or wrong answers.

The final flight was unveiled and tested with cheese (a creamy goat, pecorino, aged cheddar and red Leicester) Although many think red wine and cheese is a match made in heaven, you need a good back bone of acidity to make the pairing harmonious.

I lit the tiny champagne bottle candles on the lemon polenta cake, which we washed down with the remains of the opening fizz. Another great profiling evening came to a close. Hopefully our birthday girl will continue to explore the wonderful world of wine, armed now with her new profiling feedback to help guide her, when Marina is no longer at her side!

Marina and Helen

Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan

Tempted? Hope to see you at Decorex or contact us here:

Cellar Maison & Gayan and Nathan

Contemporary wine wall (7) (Copy)







When form and function meet in pure perfection. In a unique collaboration, renowned glass artist, Brian Hirst, has teamed up with Italian sommelier and wine extraordinaire, Giorgio De Maria to create stunning, hand made glass decanters that are designed precisely and ergonomically to suit the wine and the person pouring. The end products are a must-have for every cellar and dining table.

G+B Decanter - Brian Hirst

G+B Decanter – Brian Hirst (Photo – Nicola Speer)

These extraordinary wine vessels are self-described as designs inspired by “the asymmetrical shape and the organic feeling”.  Their selection of signature designs are both quirky and practical, beautiful pieces of art that are perfect to use. The indentation for the thumb, with the fingers positioned at the bottom of the vessel, allow a controlled pour, while the neck and bowl dimensions ensure the wine can breathe appropriately before serving.

Each decanter is hand made, mouth blown and exquisitely crafted and therefore each is unique with its own particular qualities and feel. These decanters are decidedly collectable and make a wonderful gift for any true wine lover. The good news is, you may order online and receive your decanter carefully wrapped and safely delivered from Brian Hirst’s Sydney studio, to your door, worldwide.


Here is a link to Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria’s website and details of how to order decanters online. As you may guess, demand for this dynamic duo’s wonderful decanters is high, from both private customers and high-end wine bars and restaurants.

To find out more about Brian Hirst, you can have a look here at his very impressive life-time as an award winning glass artist and print maker.

Giorgio De Maria, is a well-known proponent of natural and low intervention wines and along with a handful of others passionate in this field, created the annual Sydney festival of international natural wine and sustainable, organic food – Rootstock.

Traditional wine pod (3) (Copy)

Cellar Maison Wine Pod

Cellar Maison are always, keen to share news of artisan and boutique, high quality wine related products. A popular feature our customers ask for in their bespoke Wine Cellars and Wine Pods is a tasting table or custom made bar where wine can be opened and enjoyed within the space. Displaying and using optimum glassware and decanters for carefully collected wine brings a special element to the experience. Wine Walls or the smaller dimension Pods or Cellars can have glassware and decanter storage built in as well. Back lighting and the unique Cellar Maison frameless glass doors provide perfect display conditions for both the wine and the accessories within.

G+B Decanter - (Photo by Sydney photographer Greg Piper)

G+B Decanter – (Photo by Sydney photographer Greg Piper)

For inquiries about a Cellar Maison Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, please contact us here to speak to a professional design consultant, or try your hand at some ideas with our Online Design Planner.

Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria Wine Decanters

Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria Wine Decanters






Exclusively British Magazine is a high-end UK magazine focused on the height of luxury, style and the latest design trends. Cellar Maison are in the current issue with a Q&A with Managing Director, Andrew Speer.

Here you can see the full Q&A for Exclusively British Magazine – Very much relevant for anyone wishing to install a wine cellar in their new or existing house or apartment.

Detail of Wine Pod

Is there a trend for installing bespoke wine cellars currently in Britain?

Andrew: Yes, last year and during the course of 2015, we have we noticed at least a 30% increase in the number of enquiries from architects, developers and home owners looking for climate controlled wine cellars, wine walls and wine rooms. People want to have that special addition to their home – A wine cellar that is visually stunning, and stores their wine collection safely.

Our typical clients have a real passion for fine wine and food and simply enjoy collecting wine and having access to it for dinners and tastings with friends.

Are owners choosing to take out existing wine storage and install a more sophisticated solution?

Andrew: Definitely, we remove many existing wine storage racks to replace with our bespoke installations. Unfortunately many wine racks neglect the essential elements of climate control, humidity regulation and design aesthetics. All our cellars, wine walls and wine pods come with these components, as well as specialised lighting for display. We’ve also found that many wine lovers and investors who have previously kept their collections in bonded storage, are now wanting a bespoke wine cellar. They value and understand their wine and like to bring the mature ‘ready to drink’ wines home. Creating a unique environment for wine within their property allows them to appreciate their collection on a daily basis, it becomes a talking point when entertaining guests at home.

Do your clients perceive that having a bespoke wine cellar will add value to their property?

Andrew: We are working with high end property developers who, based on consumer research, are now incorporating a wine cellar or feature wine wall into their luxury new-build residential properties. This is a growing trend and I am confident that within the next decade, a climate controlled wine storage cellar or wall will become as common as a home theatre or a well-appointed kitchen is now in prime residences. The wine and food culture of Britain continues to evolve so rapidly.

Currently what are the most popular styles and features requested by your clients?

Andrew: Both our contemporary Wine Pods and our Wine Walls are proving to be in high demand. Walk-in Wine Pods are our most innovative signature cellar. They beautifully enclose a corner or section of a room in a specialised frameless glass “pod” and can be created with either a curved or square glass enclosure. They are sleek, visually stunning and allow optimum viewing of wine from outside, whilst maintaining the perfect storage conditions within. Wine Walls have the advantage of taking up very little floor space since they are fitted along an existing wall. The LED back-lighting is colour changeable to suit the individual style of the home. Our full Wine Cellar option is perfect when people have a whole room or large cupboard space to convert to a cellar.

How does it work when a home owner or designer want to find out more about your wine cellars?

Andrew: We offer innovative solutions that no other wine cellar company can provide, including a bespoke customer service. We have a team of consultants, designers, glass and refrigerator experts who work together to support home owners, high-end developers.

A new feature on our website we’re very pleased with is our Online Design Planner, it allows people to play with the styles and dimensions themselves or with the support of our consultants.

What size or bottle capacity can your cellar solutions house?

Andrew: It’s really unlimited in scope. Materials, features and dimensions are fully customisable and start with choosing from our three signature cellar designs. We are currently working on a 6m x 6m walk-in cellar to hold up to 2000 bottles; this is in a contemporary style with bronze metal-framed glass doors. Some of our smaller cellars, pods or walls can store as few as 200 bottles.

Contemporary Wine Wall - Client home in Esher

Contemporary Wine Wall – Client home in Esher

How was Cellar Maison born?

Andrew: Having been immersed in the bespoke furniture industry for 20 years, developing sound experience in the property market, the trade professionals I worked with identified a growing demand for a niche wine cellar specialist. Selecting a team of experts including a refrigeration engineer, architectural glass specialist, designer and joiner, Cellar Maison was formed.

I am a wine lover but I still have a lot to learn about viticulture. I grew up in the Marlborough region in New Zealand and this is the environment I was raised in. I wanted to get into the wine cellaring business because of personal interest and to support the huge cultural change that is happening in Britain with wine collection and investment.

Cellar Maison was inspired by acknowledging the French wine cave – paying homage to this ancient concept and combining it with modern technology.

Interior designers, property developers and architects work along side us with their home-owner clients too so that the whole process is professional and smooth.  If you have a home and would like to look at our three signature cellar solutions, Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods, you can try our unique Online Design Planner giving you the chance to play around with design and dimensions online.



People often ask us about the cellars they’ve seen photos of on our site and social media. Here we begin our series on sharing the stories of our customers with you.

Here’s a Q&A with Philip Price, one of our clients who commissioned a bespoke wine room for his Clapham home. Plus, a few tips from Philip about his wine collecting choices.

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Philip recently commissioned a bespoke wine room from Cellar Maison, to store and display up to five hundred bottles. The wine room – part of a new lower ground floor living space – is made from solid dark oak, enclosed in frameless glass, and incorporates integrated climate control.

What made you decide to incorporate a wine cellar into the plans for the new basement conversion project?

I have been a wine enthusiast for many years and the decision to extend our living space with a new basement allowed opportunity to finally create the temperature-controlled wine cellar in my own home which I have always coveted. We considered various alternatives from established wine cellar suppliers but the space we had in our new basement presented my wife and I with the opportunity to create something bespoke and very special. We have found that the completed cellar satisfies our storage needs and we are delighted that it provides a unique and attractive feature for our property.

Why did you choose Cellar Maison over other companies?

We received the recommendation to use Cellar Maison from our main contractors for the new basement, Qualitas Construction Ltd. Having met with Andrew and reviewed some of his earlier work, Cellar Maison became a compelling choice for us.

How did you find the customer experience from start to finish?

We are delighted with our bespoke wine room and very pleased with the way the team at Cellar Maison made our dream into a reality. We were also impressed with the project management undertaken by Cellar Maison and the way that they implemented from start to finish our design requirements and co-ordination of the various ancillaries (timberwork, glass partitions and air conditioning). We would thoroughly recommend Cellar Maison.

Do you have any favourite wines you can recommend currently?

I have collected red Bordeaux for a long time and am a keen devotee of the wines of St Julien. In Burgundy, I particularly like the wines of Jean Marc Boillot, Philippe Colin and Bernard Moreau. In the new world, the wines of Monte Bello in California and Greenock Creek in Australia are very appealing. Currently (May 2013) the 2011 port vintage looks like a bargain – as long as you are patient!

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Floor to ceiling, custom made, curved frameless glass forms the structure for safely housing the wine and displaying it as a feature of the home.

If you’re reading this on one of our social media pages, come on over to the website to have a good look at some other cellar, wine wall and wine pod designs.


We’ve enjoyed being involved with an interview by boutique wine merchants, Humble Grape this month. They are a stylish, high quality company offering wine from a small selection of highly boutique vineyards, carefully selected from around the world’s top wine growing regions. See also Cellar Maison’s interview with James Dawson of Humble Grape earlier in our blog.

View from Humble Grape's Chianti Classico producer

Here’s the interview conducted with Andrew Speer, founder of Cellar Maison:

How was Cellar Maison born?

I have been designing bespoke furniture for 15 years and I set up Cellar Maison in 2002, after having developed sound experience in the property market and working with property developers, designers and wine merchants.

We offer innovative solutions that no other wine cellar company can provide including a bespoke customer service. We have team of interior designers who work together to support high-end developers, glass and refrigerator experts.

I am a wine lover but I still have a lot to learn about viticulture: I grew up in the Marlborough region in New Zealand and this is the environment I was raised in. I wanted to get into the wine cellaring business because of personal interest but also because of the opportunity to be part of the huge cultural change that is happening in wine collection and investment.

Cellar Maison was inspired by acknowledging the French wine cave being the hub of the wine cellar, paying homage to this ancient concept and combining it with modern technology.

What kind of services does Cellar Maison offer to their clients?

We help with the planning stage, offer bespoke design consultations on wine collection and budget. All of the above needs to suit the client’s interior decor preferences.

We specialise in climate controlled solutions, consultation, frameless glass innovations that will depend on the properties and offer integrated lighting and LED solutions too.

As part of the consultation process we sketch out a 3D design visual so people are able to visualise the concept before committing to a specific design.

Our aim is to fully project-manage the wine display right from the planning up to the final stages working with both contractors and architects.

How would you organise your cellar?

Definitely by region: to me, it’s important to highlight the origin and the terroir and the tradition behind it.

We are now working on getting hold of reference software that makes it easier to locate a certain grape, vintage or vineyards in biggest wine collections of 500-10 000 bottles.

What’s your favourite food + wine pairing? 

Humble Grape’s Chateau Puy Mouton with slow cooked roast lamb.

And your favourite wine soundtrack?

Working my way up to a Humble Grape’s Chateau Puy Mouton Gran Cru from St Emilion and Bill Wither’s soul music.

Any interesting wine and tech heads up?

Well I plan visit the expo in the US for wine and tech inspirations. There are a number of excellent innovations we can incorporate in our packages. I am researching controlled wine bottle pourers too, that allows the open wine to last for a month. With technology, the possibilities are enormous.

Thanks to Humble Grape.

If you have any questions or want to talk about wine cellars for your home, or wine collecting, please contact us here.



We’re delighted to have one of our Wine Pods featured and pictured in the Evening Standard – See below.

Having a cellar in the house is becoming a reality for an increasing number of home owners in London and across the UK.

Because there are options to suit any space, our clients can tailor a cellar solution that perfectly compliments their style as well as maximising the available position in the home. Wine Walls are immensely popular since they not only provide a stunning talking point and visual feature but also take up only as much space as the depth of a book shelf.

Featured in the Evening Standard is a Wine Pod, another of our most popular options for home cellars. Wine Pods can be built into a room and utilise custom-made glass enclosures within which the wine is stored at optimum temperature and humidity with our specialised climate control systems. The glass also gives the aesthetically pleasing view of the bottles displayed and specially lit to highlight the collection.

Accessibility of a wine collection is one of the driving decisions to opt for a home cellar rather than expensive, off site bonded storage. Architects, property developers and interior designers work directly with Cellar Maison to tailor in wine cellars to homes as part of a new build, full or partial renovations. Being able to partner with designers at the early stages is a key feature of the Cellar Maison service offering. Our 3D visual overviews give clients a full vision of their new cellar. Our successful projects give design and architect partners trust in our designs and reliable project delivery.

For full details and professional specification inquiries from designers, architects, property developers and individual home owners, please contact us through our site or on info@cellarmaison.com

Evening Standard Feature with Cellar Maison

Evening Standard Feature with Cellar Maison



We’re delighted with the recent article in The City Magazine featuring Cellar Maison. They’ve captured some key information that helps people understand exactly what can be achieved when we create a wine cellar in the home.

“Virtually any room, above or below ground, can be transformed within a footprint as small as a wardrobe up to an entire room”

Wine Cellar InterviewThe steps we take when working with a client involve:

Design Concept Planning – Where our consultants take a full brief from the client, get an understanding of style preferences, space available and how best to use it. A complimentary 3D drawing is provided to help visualise the final result.

Technical Planning – Here our technical consultants give a full overview on the climate control system and lighting solutions that are aesthetically best and provide the safest environment for your wine collection.

Implementation – The cellar, wine wall or wine pod is expertly made and installed according to the confirmed plans and specifications. If there is an architect or interior designer involved in your project, our consultants liaise with them throughout the process.

Next it’s your turn to fill your new cellar, arrange your collection and toast it with whatever you decide is a fitting drop!

For inquiries and to obtain a quote please contact us here. We also work directly with property developers, architects and interior designers and can provide all technical specifications required to add into a professional quote for clients.


Cellar Maison have been chatting to James Dawson of Humble Grape, an independent wine merchant with a carefully selected stock of excellent wine to browse and buy online.

We are dedicated to working with professional, trustworthy wine merchants to help our clients stock their new cellars and build a valuable and enjoyable cellar for your tastes and budget over the years.

To read our interview with founder of Humble Grape, James Dawson click here.

Also, have a look at their very successful recent London event profiling wine and food matches for Christmas and the festive season:


Festive wine tasting - Humble Grape with Cellar Maison

Christmas wine tasting – Humble Grape

Quick Fact All of Humble Grape’s vineyards are exclusive to them, organic, biodynamic or lutte raisonne – ‘reason to struggle’.

Browse their website, book into a wonderful tasting event, and if you’re after a really exclusive service, enquire about their cellar collection services – the perfect compliment to your Cellar Maison, bespoke wine cellar:


Quick Fact Cellar Maison cellars can be created in any sized space in your home – from small scale to grand, in any room of the house, above ground or below and are all climate controlled for perfect wine storage.

If you don’t think you have space for a wine cellar think again and have a look at our exclusive Wine Walls and Wine Pods.