The first of our ‘pop-up’ installations this year has sadly come to an end. The Cellar Maison team had a wonderful time at the Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance classic car garden party at Blenheim Palace. We were graced with beautiful weather, ate scrumptious food and, of course, the Champagne and wine were flowing.  The event was also about showcasing the most incredible performance cars on the planet and being in such close proximity of dozens of them was simply breathtaking.  The 3-day event incorporated the Concours d’Elégance featuring classic and vintage cars and motorbikes,  Boodles Ladies Day and a tribute to 70 years of the Ferarri super-brand.

The highlight of our event, however, was spotting the legendary Derek Bell as he handed over a hand painting to Guy Portelli Art for a charity auction.


The build-up to the show was also quite exciting for Sam, our in-house designer, who over the course of three months leading up to the event took great pride and joy in designing and sourcing every detail of the interior of our chalet for this one of a kind show.



Rustic and handcrafted are the two words that would summarise the style of our installation. We wanted to capture the handcrafted nature of our work whilst also paying homage to the traditional wine caves and orchards that the wine grapes are harvested from. We wanted to capture the imagination of our customers, taking their mind away to old workshops with the smell of oak shavings, the sun through the leaves and the heat of a summers day.

To transport ourselves to this place we used many props including genuine French wine boxes, timeworn tools and items used in our craft as well as an abundance of plants and an ivy strewn trellis. Our display incorporated many wooden elements, a material that Cellar Maison specialises in, as shown in our hand crafted wine cellar, wine wall and wine pod joinery.

Fortunately, we were not short of show stopping elements that made our installation truly special. There are many great companies out there supplying the props that created this seamless and unique concept and highlighted below  are a number of them should you wish to incorporate some elements into your own designs.



During set up, we had a lot of fun wiring these industrial cage pendants from They helped to complete the workshop look, especially when combined with the Edison filament light bulbs. The lights were carefully located on the bespoke trellis to give maximum light to out pop up roller banners whilst illuminating the rest of the stand.



The beautiful vintage Methuselah sized red wine bottle seen suspended from the trellis was sourced from Monsieur Renards Attic, a shop on Etsy that sells vintage, antique, retro and French styled pieces.  Genuine French wooden wine cases were stacked disjointedly in front of our roller banners which held a variety of props including rustic timeworn carpentry tools, ferns and vintage wine related prints.



And finally, to finish the look, genuine French wine barrels were used as tables at the front of our stand from with rustic stools from .

Come visit us at our next shows at 100% Design (as part of the London Design Festival) on the 20th -23rd of September and the Restaurant & Bar Design Show on the 26th and 27th of September.

Have you noticed that rising trend of the use of crystals and minerals in interiors?

Rich colour tones, jagged shapes and intricate patterns can be seen everywhere, inspired by these beautifully forged rocks.

Beautiful image of crystals and succulents from blog Moon to Moon

The trend this year has been about bringing nature inside the home. This can be achieved by incorporation blues, greens and earthy tones into your scheme and by using natural materials, crystals and minerals being an example. Often millions of years old and forged during the earliest parts of the earths formation, these beautiful materials come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns, so you will easily find one to use in or inspire your interior!

Not on the High street sells luxurious agate coasters, great for a pop of colour and way to introduce this trend little by little. The combination of blue and silver brings a royal and elegant element to the table, the high gloss agate and silver detail bouncing and reflecting light and exaggerating their beautiful natural properties.

The beautiful rug from Go Bohemian Wild is a great example of incorporating the pattern from natural geodes into your home to liven up a neutral space. The blue in this agate inspired rug looks amazing against the white washed wood flooring, the brown leather sofa and the other white accessories in the room.

This dark styled room by Dale Rogers Ammonite, a London based company that sources the most beautiful and unique fossils and minerals for interior designers and collectors is a great source of inspiration. The Opal Quartz in this photograph brings light into the dark blue room, illuminating the scene and bouncing light around it. This giant quartz is an example of how minerals and crystals can be used to introduce a tactile texture element into a design scheme, if you have space for it!

Furniture Designers have been incorporating these dynamic materials, creating show stopping and luxurious pieces. Brenda Houston is one of those designers, creating well designed and elegant items using handpicked gemstones and minerals across her lighting, table and accessory ranges. A fantastic example of this is the deep purple and white amethyst coffee tables and how they contrast against the dark bronze bases. I like that the smaller tables have been sliced in an area where natural holes are created through them, making a playful dynamic between beauty and functionality.

Some people use crystals and minerals because they are believed to possess mental and physical healing properties. Carrying small stones on you or by surrounding your home with them can give balance and good energy.  Whether this is purely a placebo effect is up for debate, one thing that is certain is their alluring charm in their multitude of shapes and colours.

There is an increasing number of shops selling terrariums with gems and crystals in them like the one above found on etsy. If you are going to introduce them into your home for some good energy, why not display them like a miniature rocky garden? They require even less maintenance then succulents!

This crystal inspired interior was designed by one of our designers here at Cellar Maison.  A cool pastel colour palette has been paired with materials such as rose quartz, clear quartz and marble for an elegant and luxurious feeling. The dark agate inspired rug draws the room together, its blues and gold tones repeated in the accompanying textured artwork and dark amethyst display crystal.

The feature wine wall in this design uses blue and pink pastel acrylic, creating a fun and on trend wine storage solution. The mirrored back creates a sense of depth and dimension, and exaggerates the beautiful brushed nickel verticals that suspend the bottles in the space. The contrasting blue acrylic is lit using concealed LED lighting, further cooling the room and tying the wall to the rest of the room.

At Cellar Maison we love to experiment with materials. Our team of designers can create a bespoke wine storage solution for you that incorporates any material you desire so why not be bold? Get in touch today for a quote for your bespoke wine cellar, wine wall or wine pod.

Why not take the opportunity to meet us over the course of the next month?  We will be at the exclusive Salon Prive garden party on 31 August to 2 September and exhibiting at 100% Design and the Restaurant Design Show  later in September..

To browse our digital portfolio, please click here.



Gone are the days where you had to choose one metal and stick to it throughout your entire home.

With brave designers experimenting using multiple materials, you no longer need to ask, ‘gold or silver?’ when you can choose both. The beauty lies in the subtle details, and when these details are combined correctly, they make magnificent results.

With material trends coming and going season by season, it is also a cost-effective approach to styling your home as a combination of materials means at least one of them must be ‘in’!

Tribù coffee tables by Michela & Paolo Baldessari

Such designers experimenting with this idea include Michela and Paolo Baldessari with their Tribu coffee tables, designed for De Castelli. The thinness of the leg frames gives the impression the disks are levitating, their weight effortlessly dispersed on the almost transparent legs. Iron, copper and brass are paired beautifully to create this architectural set. Although the combination of colours does not match for a central theme, the set works because of the minimalist style, even pops of colour that warm the space and blend together once placed leg to leg.

Zgallerie interior set

This room set was designed by Zgallerie, a furniture specialist who combine their products to create inspiring interiors. The combination of golds and silvers work seamlessly with the neutral palette and clean lines to create an elegant, textured and welcoming interior.

ZGallerie have considered some key factors when creating this set including the size of the space itself, the warmth of the hues in the metalwork, and the quantity of metals used. By using the metal sparingly in the accessories and by choosing cooler temperature metals, the space ties together harmoniously. Consider the size of your room when testing this style. A larger room means you can  use larger accent pieces like coffee tables to introduce metals, whereas you may want to keep it to accessories and the smaller details for smaller rooms to avoid overcrowding the space.

Tom Dixon Himitsu Bar Design in Atlanta

Tom Dixon is the designer who comes to my mind when I think of experimentation with materials. The interior shown here, the Himitsu bar in Atlanta is a theatrical spectacle in a wide range of textures and colours. The vast copper bar draws your eye while the melt pendant above the seating illuminates the weathered steel looking panels on the back wall.

Here is an example of Tom’s iconic lighting design. His Melt pendants are mirror finished when turned off and translucent when lit and are available in copper, chrome and gold. I love these pendants, especially in their mirror effect where the unusual melted shape and striking finish create a fun and eye catching statement.

His iconic furniture collection is designed in a range of metals, signature to his brand. His accessories are available to buy from his website and are the perfect items to inject a pop of colour and metallic texture into your interior.

Using a single metal in your interior is not a terrible thing however, it may strengthen and/or be the central theme in a design concept and it could be seen both as a braver or safer choice!

By choosing one metal, you are committing to one look but running the risk of the trend changing and looking outdated quicker. By combining materials you are playing it safe by not obliging to the current trend, on the downside it may look just so!

Mayfair Residence by Katharine Pooley

An example of an interior using a single metal comes from this beautiful living space, designed by one of my favourite interior designers Katharine Pooley. This opulent room set in a Mayfair property uses golds and blues on a backdrop of neutral tones. The gold details tie the room together, your eye wandering from the delicate chandelier to the bold statement coffee tables, then to the accessories and edging detail around the built-in book shelves. This stunning interior does not need to use mixed metals to create an inviting and interesting space, however if gold isn’t your cup of tea it may not appeal to you as much as the client of this 7 floor home.

Who can say what the right choice is? As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters!

Here at Cellar Maison we understand that the small details are the the elements that create truly magnificent, luxurious design. We can create endless possibilities of finishes with our trusted and knowledgeable metal suppliers, meaning your wine cellar, wall or pod will be truly bespoke to you.

This is a sneak peak detail shot from our latest design and the inspiration behind this blog. Oil rubbed bronze door hinges and handles contrast against the satin brass vertical wine holders, creating a unique and opulent wine wall.

Be sure to catch us later this year in August and September at Salon Prive, 100% Design and the Restaurant Design Show to see examples of our beautiful finishes and master craftsmanship in the flesh.

Until then for any more information or for a quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.








Last month, this lucky concept designer was invited to the Heals 100 launch event for an evening of design discussion and inspiration at the Tottenham court showroom.

Magnus Englund, the founding director of Skandium, curated the show displaying the top 100 iconic designs that Heals have sold in their stores over the last century. His speech told the story of Heals and how the brand has developed from their beginning of a feather-dressing company in 1810 to 2017 where they remain as furniture design leaders on the forefront of modern furniture design.

Each iconic design told a story and exuded a sense of luxury and innovation, their striking designs lasting for a century or more. The attention to detail in the craftsmanship and choice of material are what make these inspired items the ambassadors of their time.

Here Samuel is sat on a Fritz Hansen Egg Chair by Arne Jacobson

Recognisable pieces from the collection include the Eames lounge chair, one of the most iconic 20th century chairs, renowned for its comfort and luxury. The shape of this chairs curved side panels, armrests and the buttoning detail in the leather are a few details that set this chair aside from its competition. The accompanying ottoman, comfortable cushioning and supple leather invite you to sit and relax, but makes it hard to leave!

Eames lounge chair and ottoman in black ash

Eames lounge chair in cherry wood

Another iconic chair on display was the LC4 Chaise by architect Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand, an elegant chair from the modernist movement designed in 1928. The contrast of black leather against the clean chrome lines make this chair a great statement piece, as well as exuding comfort with its adjustable reclining positions. The striking combination of metals work in harmony together creating a functional and simple design, reflecting the same principles that Le Corbusier used in his architectural designs.

LC4 Chaise by architect Le Corbusier

Michael Anastassiades, designer of the IC lighting range for Flos was inspired by the acrobatics of street performers, playing with theme of balance, shape and form. I love this range for its uniqueness and material properties, the large scaled spherical globe sitting on the beautiful slender brass rod frame.

IC F2 Lamp by Michael Anastassiades for Flos

Reading into the processes of the designers behind each of the items in the show was inspiring, and a reminder that inspiration can be found anywhere.

During the exhibition, I explored the rest of the showroom to see the current design trends that designers were experimenting with through their furniture ranges. My favourite arrangements came from Petit Friture where fun shapes and pastel tones were combined to create stand out pieces of furniture, unlike anything else in the showroom. I love the post-modernist Memphis style that is characterised by bold colour and asymmetrical shapes, so it is no wonder why this collection drew me in from across the room.

Petit Friture display at the Heal’s Tottenham Court Road Showroom

Well selected furniture and finishes play a key role in emphasizing a spaces existing architecture. Shape and form, colour, texture and light are elements in architecture that furniture can coordinate, manipulate or contrast with to create a finished beautiful interior.

At Cellar Maison, our team create such bespoke spaces with outstanding quality of craftsmanship. With an endless amount of finishes and detail options, our service is truly bespoke and tailor made to your needs.

So, if you are looking for a show stopping piece of furniture to pair with your wine cellar, wine wall or wine pod, I would recommend visiting the Heal’s 100 exhibition at the Tottenham Court Road showroom. Alternatively, if you haven’t got your perfect wine solution yet, please do get in touch for a design concept and quotation.






What are the Benefits and Advantages of Having a Wine Cellar at Home?

There are the obvious ones, including the pleasure of acquiring, maintaining, displaying, and updating a collection and the enjoyment of being able to select exactly the bottle you want, at any time, from your very own home wine collection.

As well as this, installing a Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, adds an entirely new dimension to your home. It is viewed in the housing design sector as a highly desirable feature.

What about some other compelling factors for when you’re weighing up whether to go for that long-dreamed-of wine cellar at home?

Here are 10 great reasons for having a wine cellar at home:

  • Collecting at home (rather than in bonded storage) allows you to have direct and personal access to your wine. You can easily organise your home collection for longer term celling and ‘drinking now’. Technology is available to assist in coordination, categorising and cataloguing. Large-scale wine investors/traders generally keep most of their wine in bonded storage, then cellar and display a selection of mature ‘ready to drink’ wine delivered to their home cellar.
  • Cellaring can bring a different dimension to local and international travel as you visit vineyards, tasting and seeking out special vintages. It facilitates interaction and specialist local knowledge when visiting new wine regions.
  • Starting your own home cellar enables you to save money by purchasing vintages in quantity when they are younger and more reasonably priced, then laying them down for future investment and drinking pleasure.
  • Having direct access to your collection and interaction as it grows and changes naturally assists to further increase your knowledge about wine. (Not a bad way to spend some time!)
  • Both temperature and humidity control, standard in all Cellar Maison installations, ensures your wine is kept in absolutely optimal condition for the short, medium and long term.
  • Experimenting with ageing your wine year by year, becomes easier to explore when you have cases of the same vintage stored in consistent conditions in your home cellar.Home entertainment takes on a whole new dimension when you can take your guests to your wine cellar to sample and select a bottle to suit your meal.
  • Cellaring at home offers you the opportunity to enjoy what is an architecturally and aesthetically pleasing balance of materials in the form of a Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod.
  • Home wine cellars undoubtedly add value and prestige to your property, whether an addition to an existing home, or a new build.
  • Expand your wine knowledge and social circles by taking part in fun and educational after work or weekend wine tasting evenings and wine courses such as WSET. With your new found hobby, and as your palate develops, expanding your home collection will be hard to resist.

Wine cellars, which were seen in the past as luxury items, are becoming increasingly high on the list of “must haves” in new homes and renovations. The art of collecting wine and enjoying it one’s own environment is a pleasure that is now beautifully possible.

The bespoke nature of a Cellar Maison home cellar means you can choose the specific materials that will give you a style to complement and enhance your home.  All Cellar Maison wine cellars can be above ground, making them ideal for both apartments or the ground and upper levels of a house. (Below ground is also offered.) Wine Walls offer a perfect solution for those who would like a feature wall with all the benefits of a cellar, but taking minimal space in a room.

All Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods by Cellar Maison come with a full warranty and an ongoing service commitment – It’s important to us for our clients to feel relaxed and happy with their cellar long term.

Would you like to find out more about your space and its potential for a Cellar Maison Wine Wall, Wine Cellar or Wine Pod? Please do get in touch here or call our friendly designers/consultants for a chat on +44 (0)20 3633 3286.

You can view our portfolio from here or click through to our Online Design Planner which will take you through an easy process to establish the type of cellar solution that suits you best.

The Cellar Maison team expanded quite drastically last year as we took on more talented team members and so it quickly became obvious that we needed a new home with more room to breathe and create.  We began our search around 9 months ago and it proved quite an undertaking. With the increase in small to medium sized creative business in London it appeared that we were obviously not the only ones on the hunt for a cool studio space, with storage, parking, good transport links and great local amenities. But we persevered and found a really great office in the historical Parkhall Business Centre, Dulwich, SE21. The move went quite smoothly thanks to the help of Tom and his team at We Move Mountains.  Our new office overlooks West Norwood Cemetery, a major ecological and historical site and one of the first private landscaped cemeteries in London known as The Magnificent Seven.

History of Parkhall Business Centre

Researching the original use of the Parkhall Business Centre took us on an interesting journey of discovery. Initially my search included ‘SE21’ and the results predominantly returned all the historical data relating to Dulwich ever written! However, once we took the search down the industrial and early manufacturing route we discovered the true roots of the Parkhall building.  The building that we now occupy was built by The Telephone Manufacturing Company (TMC) in the 1930’s in the art deco style: both practical and beautiful. The building boasts ceilings over 3.5 metre high, huge windows which flood the rooms with light and very spacious corridors and access points.   The company originally undertook manufacturing and research within the factory but as the business expanded it split into two separate organisations, the Telephone Manufacturing Co (1929) and Telephone Rentals Ltd. It is fascinating to walk the corridors and stairwells of the building where once resided the great minds that developed the early technology of telecommunications.\r\n

A Hub of Creative & Bespoke Activity

\r\nIt has taken a while but we are all now quite used to the warren of corridors that make up the building and contain some very interesting businesses.The Parkhall Business Centre is brimming with a plethora of creative companies producing everything from artisan coffee (see Volcano Coffee) to Bespoke Lighting. Here are some of the other great companies residing in the building:

The initial stages of designing your wine cellar solution can seem a little daunting. We can usually imagine how we want our wine walls, cellars or pods to look, but with countless fixtures, lighting choices and finishes, it can become overwhelming.

What would your wine wall be finished with? Metal? Stone? Lacquer? Crystals? This blog will look at one of our most popular finishes, wood, and the many unique styles and possibilities you can create with this truly versatile material and the great designers out there using this material in their craft.

This year’s trend in design is the use of natural materials in response to the anxiety of our global future, how we treat our planet and the over consumption of materials. The rising interest in quality hand crafted design is a manifestation of our collective concern around the impact of mass manufacture. High quality design that stands the test of time is essential to prevent over consumption and wasted materials.

This year’s trend was evident at Milan design week where several designers presented innovative ways of manipulating wood to exaggerate its natural beauty and show its potential in furniture design.

One designer, Lisa Ertel, sandblasted Dune furniture to remove its softer outer layer, exposing the rings underneath, showing the materials age. I think that this process creates exquisite furniture that emphasizing the woods beauty, but it also creates the link between design and consumption. By exposing the rings of wood, you can literally see the years of time it has taken for this material to grown before being used for these elegant pieces of furniture.\r\n\r\nYou can see the full article on Dezeen here.

Another example, also showcased at Milan design week, comes from furniture brand Ercol. This year they presented new ranges from their Marino chair and sofa range which incorporates a steam bent frame.

These eye-catching frames are developed using a traditional technique called steam bending, a clean, efficient and eco-friendly process that is used to manipulate wood that would otherwise seem impossible. By boiling the wood, the cellular structure is weakened allowing designers to create curved shapes, before the material returns to its rigid form. The expert technique and craftsmanship that is used in this age-old technique creates truly bespoke furniture that is the true definition of luxury. It is one of the many techniques and processes that have been developed to manipulate wood to do amazing things.

The full article for Ercols’ ranges that were exhibited at Milan design week can be seen on Dezeen following this link.

Artists Richard Deacon’s ‘Restless’ sculpture was exhibited at the Tate in 2005 and is an example of how the steam bending technique can be used in sculptural art.

Another artist who captures the raw beauty and tests the limits of wood material is Nic Webb, a sculptor who uses wood and clay to express human interaction. On his website, he explains his craft by saying ‘Human making is delicately bound to the materials of the natural world. As we interact with our surroundings we realise and learn of this interconnection. As makers, we are able to explore our world and express our thoughts freely.’

Four Found Forms – Fir Lemon Birch and clay

Nic’s sculptures tests the limits of wood, and he often singes the material which creates a beautiful contrast as well as exposing the materials flexibility and durability. His website can be found here for images of his experimental work and dates for his workshops, should you wish to give this process a try!

At Cellar Maison, our luxury wine cellars, walls and pods are designed to suit your needs. Every detail is considered making your final design truly bespoke. Our managing director Andrew Speer has a background in the bespoke luxury furniture design field and after beginning his career as a master cabinet-maker, he has over 20 years experience working with joinery and is able to offer sound advice and suggestions to the finish that would work for you.

This luxurious under stairs wine wall has just been designed and installed in South London by Cellar Maison and can be seen on our blog. It is a perfect example of how expertly crafted bespoke joinery can transform any space. The light oak that has been used in this project keeps the under stairs area feeling not only bright and spacious, but also warm and inviting because of the beautiful light wash emitted from the concealed lighting elements.\r\n\r\n

If you are looking for more inspiration, other projects can be seen in our full gallery including this dark and beautifully lit wine cellar in Surrey which uses Grey washed oak. This 1200 bottle capacity cellar draws you in first with its back-lit acrylic panel, then invites you to stay with its luxurious attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

The designers at Cellar Maison can suggest many wood finishes from our extensive sample library to suit your space. We can also match your finish to existing joinery in your space, creating a truly bespoke and individual look within your home.

Whether you decide on a cellar, wine pod or wine wall from Cellar Maison, you are not only choosing a beautiful storage system to showcase your collection, you are choosing a company that pride themselves on quality, service and experience to give you the best possible design for your space.

As you open the door and walk into the cellar, you’re greeted by a stunning sensory symphony of wood, marble and glass.

Cellar Maison’s latest bespoke Wine Cellar in our clients’ lovely home has been made as a pure union of form and function.


Quick Look Top 10 Features – Cellar Profile:

  1. 1200 bottle capacity
  2.  Backlit wine wall incorporated in the rear of the cellar
  3. Grey washed oak wooden joinery
  4. Polished white marble floor
  5. 12 square metre footprint – efficient use of space
  6. Soft closing drawers for storage of wine accessories
  7. Built in wine-case storage
  8. Set up and catalogued by Master of Wine from Gayan & Nathan
  9. Custom made sealed door of thermally insulated glass
  10. Humidity, temperature and climate controlled for optimum cellar storage of a wine collection

Gleaming bottles are back-lit along the feature wall at at the rear, drawing you through and towards the mesmerising glow. The bespoke stainless steel bottle display offers minimal distraction from the bottles themselves – The ultimate stars of the show.

The floor of polished white marble, gives a sense of elegance and an almost surreal reflected light within the space.

Along either side of the room, is a beautifully crafted wine display in a more traditional look of wooden joinery. Grey washed oak has been used to add depth and a sense of solidity. This contrast in materials and texture to the floor and back wall, ensure there is a necessary sense of warmth to the room.


Cellar Maison – Wine Cellar perfectly tailored for our clients’ wishes

Custom made, soft-closing accessory drawers are built in; useful for tasting notes, corkscrews and other accessories essential to a comprehensive wine cellar.

Also on a soft close system, are the pull-out wine case drawers. Perfect for storage of case-by-case collections – and pleasantly functional with their smooth operating features, the ambience is maintained.

All Cellar Maison Wine Rooms, are climate – humidity and temperature controlled. This ensures optimal storage conditions for wines, including reds, whites and Champagne. The door and frame on this wine cellar has also been designed with Cellar Maison’s integrated draft seals and a thermally insulated glass panel.

The capacity of this wine room is approximately 1200 bottles – an efficient use of this space of approximately twelve square metres.

Our clients’ wine collection has been carefully organised and ordered for ease of use and criteria for their cellar. Gayan and Nathan, collaborating partners with Cellar Maison, were engaged to unpack and order the cellar. They worked in consultation with our clients to ensure the process was smooth and enjoyable – and a wonderful site to behold when Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, and Helen Nathan, revealed their fully stocked and operational cellar!

Wine advisory, buying and cellaring services are all offered by Gayan and Nathan. Please click through to their site here – don’t miss their private Palate Profiling events either!

For more information on our signature Cellar Maison Wine Walls, Wine Pods and Wine Cellars, please contact us at or +44 (0)20 3633 3286.

We work with home owners, architects, designers and property developers and are always happy to have a talk about your home or project.



We’re proud to give a shout out to all the Cellar Maison team members to acknowledge and appreciate all they bring to the company, but also celebrate their diverse and fascinating lives outside work.

Next in this series, we introduce Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

Our client facing consultant, Simon, has over 12 years experience working with clients to deliver exceptional projects particularly in the luxury goods sector.

Simon understands the importance of listening to, understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients and ensuring that their vision is translated into a brief for our creative and production teams to deliver installations that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

He has recently completed his WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirits.

Detail from our limited edition Wine Carousel – Click for full showcase

Expanding his knowledge of wine has become a true passion for Simon. He loves sampling different grape varietals and developing his palate – a very enjoyable thing to research! With his  WSET Level 2 under his belt, there’s never a lack of excuse to share a bottle or two with friends and family.
Simon’s dream wine is

As a father of two small children Simon doesn’t have a huge amount of spare time but when he gets the chance he loves to get out and play hockey. He also spends his Sundays, shouting on the field coaching the local U8’s rugby team, which he likens to trying to herd a swarm of flies into a plastic cup.
Simon’s perfect day sporting day out would be watching England beat their opponents at Twickenham.
When he does get some “quiet time” he loves reading books and is particularly interested in military history and polar exploration, Winston Churchill and Ernest Shackleton being his heroes.
Simon has a passion for watches and loves wandering around antique shops looking for interesting pieces. His ultimate watch would be a Patek Philippe world time reference 1415 with enamel dial.

Detail from a Cellar Maison Wine Room – Click for full showcase

It’s great to have Simon on board. The fact that he “walks the talk” as a wine-loving, family person, means he can relate extremely well to our clients and our collaborating partners in the world of wine and design.
Please do get in touch  about any wine cellar inquiry, either commercial or residential.
You’ll be guaranteed of a friendly reception!

Next in our Celebrating Talent at Cellar Maison series, we’re pleased to introduce Samuel Deacon.

Samuel Deacon is one of our Cellar Maison concept designers. With his flair for style, he is a great fit in the Cellar Maison team. Sam brings his keen eye and attention to detail to all he does. Aside from that, he’s got a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun to have around!

Samuel Deacon – With a passion for interior design and the creation of high quality drawings and visuals, Sam has joined Cellar Maison as one of our new CAD Concept designers.

Since graduating from university with a degree in Interior Architecture, Sam has worked in the luxury furniture sales sector, designing and presenting interior schemes for high end residential and commercial projects.

Cellar Maison Wine Room – Texture, colour, style, space

Samuel lives in West London with his partner, and when he isn’t painting, they are undertaking renovations in their home, trying new restaurants and figuring out where to travel to next. Samuel enjoys visiting art galleries and design shows in his spare time, keeping up to date with the latest trends and taking inspiration from his new home in London.

Alongside his passion for interiors, Sam is a painter in his own right, who creates large scale abstract works inspired by colour and texture. He uses his eye for balance and well considered composition in his design.

Since moving to London a little under two years ago, Samuel has exhibited his abstract pieces in many galleries including the A&D Gallery, Studio Spaces E1, Oxford House and Cass Art Edinburgh – We’ll update on the next show so you can get along there.  Someone to keep an eye on in the art world!

Check Sam’s website here: 

Scales – by Samuel Deacon