What could be more classically luxurious than selecting a beautiful bottle of Bordeaux and a cigar from your very own, bespoke home wine cellar at home?

In our latest Cellar Showcase, we present a newly created Wine Room, a basement level design that incorporates all the essential elements that our client wished for, within the relatively compact space available.  Integral to the success of this installation, were the all-important aesthetic features that so perfectly complement the art of wine and cigar collecting.

Interior detail – Note the feature bottle display and cigar humidor integrated

“The available 1.2 by 1.8 metre footprint of the finished Wine Room, meant efficient use of the space was crucial. With this room, we wanted to ensure maximum bottle capacity, without compromising the feeling of luxury and balanced proportions.”

Final capacity is a respectable 285 bottles – based on Bordeaux specifically, with an additional 10 half bottles and space for a specialised angled shelf for Champagne – Plus a vertical feature bottle, framed and back lit at the rear of the cellar.

At a lofty 3.7 metre height, the full space in the Wine Room was able to be utilised, with the help of a bespoke walnut timber and brushed stainless steel ladder to access the uppermost bottles.

External view showing the option of blue strip lighting

The walnut and and metal features are continued in the timber wall cladding within and on the door which has brushed stainless steel handle. The door itself is custom made and in specialised toughened glass, offering a stunning view through to the Wine Room from outside. The use of cantilevered, semi-transparent acrylic shelving with integrated LED strip lighting, brings luminescent brilliance to the space.  The added option of selecting striking coloured lighting, gives a contrast to the traditional wood and steel within and a contemporary feel that makes this Wine Room a primary feature of this Hamstead, London home.

“As a very special, additional feature, the custom made cigar humidor, keeps the collection of cigars in perfect condition with the help of the integrated electronic humidifier.”

Aerial view showing space maximisation in the compact Wine Room


  1. 285 bottle capacity + 10 half bottles and Champagne space within a compact footprint
  2. Specialised angle display for the Champagne bottles
  3. Feature bottle framed in vertical format
  4. Fully incorporated cigar humidor with integrated electronic humidifier
  5. Beautiful balance of classic walnut timber alongside contemporary brushed stainless steel
  6. Cantilevered semi-transparent, acrylic shelving with concealed LED strip lighting
  7. Custom made toughened glass door with lockable brushed stainless steel handle
  8. Bespoke walnut timber ladder with brushed stainless steel features, set within the timber-clad interior
  9. Set into a previously un-utilised basement space running beside the stairs in the home
  10. Cellar Maison specialist integrated climate control system for optimal wine storage conditions

From potentially “dead space” came, a high value, lifestyle enhancing piece of art in its own right. The outcome of carefully made design decisions resulted in a practical, stylish space that is a true focal point of the home and a pleasure for our client and their guests to enjoy – to walk in, select a bottle – and perhaps a cigar, if the mood strikes.

This is a new basement designed by Papa Architectshttp://papaarchitects.co.uk/ with Cellar Maison engaged to design and install the specialist Wine Room. http://cellarmaison.com

If you have any questions about this Wine Room, or any of the other styles of Cellar Maison’s signature Wine Walls, Wine Cellars and Rooms, please contact us here.

We share a passion for wine collecting and love to bring people’s ideas to life!

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What are the Benefits and Advantages of Having a Wine Cellar at Home?

There are the obvious ones, including the pleasure of acquiring, maintaining, displaying, and updating a collection and the enjoyment of being able to select exactly the bottle you want, at any time, from your very own home wine collection.

As well as this, installing a Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, adds an entirely new dimension to your home. It is viewed in the housing design sector as a highly desirable feature.

What about some other compelling factors for when you’re weighing up whether to go for that long-dreamed-of wine cellar at home?

Here are 10 great reasons for having a wine cellar at home:

  • Collecting at home (rather than in bonded storage) allows you to have direct and personal access to your wine. You can easily organise your home collection for longer term celling and ‘drinking now’. Technology is available to assist in coordination, categorising and cataloguing. Large-scale wine investors/traders generally keep most of their wine in bonded storage, then cellar and display a selection of mature ‘ready to drink’ wine delivered to their home cellar.
  • Cellaring can bring a different dimension to local and international travel as you visit vineyards, tasting and seeking out special vintages. It facilitates interaction and specialist local knowledge when visiting new wine regions.
  • Starting your own home cellar enables you to save money by purchasing vintages in quantity when they are younger and more reasonably priced, then laying them down for future investment and drinking pleasure.
  • Having direct access to your collection and interaction as it grows and changes naturally assists to further increase your knowledge about wine. (Not a bad way to spend some time!)
  • Both temperature and humidity control, standard in all Cellar Maison installations, ensures your wine is kept in absolutely optimal condition for the short, medium and long term.
  • Experimenting with ageing your wine year by year, becomes easier to explore when you have cases of the same vintage stored in consistent conditions in your home cellar.Home entertainment takes on a whole new dimension when you can take your guests to your wine cellar to sample and select a bottle to suit your meal.
  • Cellaring at home offers you the opportunity to enjoy what is an architecturally and aesthetically pleasing balance of materials in the form of a Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod.
  • Home wine cellars undoubtedly add value and prestige to your property, whether an addition to an existing home, or a new build.
  • Expand your wine knowledge and social circles by taking part in fun and educational after work or weekend wine tasting evenings and wine courses such as WSET. With your new found hobby, and as your palate develops, expanding your home collection will be hard to resist.

Wine cellars, which were seen in the past as luxury items, are becoming increasingly high on the list of “must haves” in new homes and renovations. The art of collecting wine and enjoying it one’s own environment is a pleasure that is now beautifully possible.

The bespoke nature of a Cellar Maison home cellar means you can choose the specific materials that will give you a style to complement and enhance your home.  All Cellar Maison wine cellars can be above ground, making them ideal for both apartments or the ground and upper levels of a house. (Below ground is also offered.) Wine Walls offer a perfect solution for those who would like a feature wall with all the benefits of a cellar, but taking minimal space in a room.

All Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods by Cellar Maison come with a full warranty and an ongoing service commitment – It’s important to us for our clients to feel relaxed and happy with their cellar long term.

Would you like to find out more about your space and its potential for a Cellar Maison Wine Wall, Wine Cellar or Wine Pod? Please do get in touch here info@cellarmaison.com or call our friendly designers/consultants for a chat on +44 (0)20 3633 3286.

You can view our portfolio from here or click through to our Online Design Planner which will take you through an easy process to establish the type of cellar solution that suits you best.

We’re proud to give a shout out to all the Cellar Maison team members to acknowledge and appreciate all they bring to the company, but also celebrate their diverse and fascinating lives outside work.

Next in this series, we introduce Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

Our client facing consultant, Simon, has over 12 years experience working with clients to deliver exceptional projects particularly in the luxury goods sector.

Simon understands the importance of listening to, understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients and ensuring that their vision is translated into a brief for our creative and production teams to deliver installations that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

He has recently completed his WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirits.

Detail from our limited edition Wine Carousel – Click for full showcase

Expanding his knowledge of wine has become a true passion for Simon. He loves sampling different grape varietals and developing his palate – a very enjoyable thing to research! With his  WSET Level 2 under his belt, there’s never a lack of excuse to share a bottle or two with friends and family.
Simon’s dream wine is

As a father of two small children Simon doesn’t have a huge amount of spare time but when he gets the chance he loves to get out and play hockey. He also spends his Sundays, shouting on the field coaching the local U8’s rugby team, which he likens to trying to herd a swarm of flies into a plastic cup.
Simon’s perfect day sporting day out would be watching England beat their opponents at Twickenham.
When he does get some “quiet time” he loves reading books and is particularly interested in military history and polar exploration, Winston Churchill and Ernest Shackleton being his heroes.
Simon has a passion for watches and loves wandering around antique shops looking for interesting pieces. His ultimate watch would be a Patek Philippe world time reference 1415 with enamel dial.

Detail from a Cellar Maison Wine Room – Click for full showcase

It’s great to have Simon on board. The fact that he “walks the talk” as a wine-loving, family person, means he can relate extremely well to our clients and our collaborating partners in the world of wine and design.
Please do get in touch  about any wine cellar inquiry, either commercial or residential.
You’ll be guaranteed of a friendly reception!

Next in our Celebrating Talent at Cellar Maison series, we’re pleased to introduce Samuel Deacon.

Samuel Deacon is one of our Cellar Maison concept designers. With his flair for style, he is a great fit in the Cellar Maison team. Sam brings his keen eye and attention to detail to all he does. Aside from that, he’s got a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun to have around!

Samuel Deacon – With a passion for interior design and the creation of high quality drawings and visuals, Sam has joined Cellar Maison as one of our new CAD Concept designers.

Since graduating from university with a degree in Interior Architecture, Sam has worked in the luxury furniture sales sector, designing and presenting interior schemes for high end residential and commercial projects.

Cellar Maison Wine Room – Texture, colour, style, space

Samuel lives in West London with his partner, and when he isn’t painting, they are undertaking renovations in their home, trying new restaurants and figuring out where to travel to next. Samuel enjoys visiting art galleries and design shows in his spare time, keeping up to date with the latest trends and taking inspiration from his new home in London.

Alongside his passion for interiors, Sam is a painter in his own right, who creates large scale abstract works inspired by colour and texture. He uses his eye for balance and well considered composition in his design.

Since moving to London a little under two years ago, Samuel has exhibited his abstract pieces in many galleries including the A&D Gallery, Studio Spaces E1, Oxford House and Cass Art Edinburgh – We’ll update on the next show so you can get along there.  Someone to keep an eye on in the art world!

Check Sam’s website here: www.samueldeacon.co.uk 

Scales – by Samuel Deacon

What a satisfying feeling to see your beautiful bottles all unpacked into your brand new, bespoke Cellar Maison Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod!

To make it even better, we can now arrange for the lovely Marina Gayan, Master of Wine to unpack and arrange your wine – as our clients did in this stunning cellar.

Our collaboration with Marina Gayan, MW and Helen Nathan of Gayan and Nathan, wine advisory, education and purchasing specialists, offers an amazing chance for our clients to be able to take the advice of not only one of the world’s leading experts, (one of only a few hundred world-wide), but also to enjoy the fun and warmth that Marina and Helen bring to all their events and interactions.

Find out more at www.gayanandnathan.com  We’ll also keep you posted for details of Cellar Maison and Gayan & Nathan events – Click here to join our seasonal newsletter of wine cellars, events, food, wine travel and more.

If you’re intrigued by the stunning cellar pictured here, keep in touch. We’re shortly sharing our a Cellar Showcase to give you all the details, materials and news of how this couple are enjoying this new feature of their home.

Click below for Gayan and Nathan’s blog about unpacking this stunning cellar.

Here we bring you a Cellar Maison Showcase on a recent installation to a lovely residence in the Home Counties.
From our signature range of bespoke cellars, the style is what we call a Classic Wine Room. This means it is a walk-in space with access from the front wall of the room. In this Wine Room, instead of just a door, the viewing area of the cellar has been expanded to take up the whole width of the room. This makes it an exceptionally beautiful and significant feature of the home – With the crucial capability of storing the owners’ wine collection in absolutely optimal conditions in our specialised climate controlled environment, standard to all our Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Pods.
 Version 3
The front viewing wall of the cellar has been completed with our unique frameless glass, custom made and using antique brass for the fittings and handles, in keeping with the classic features of the home and the rest of the cellar.
 The climate control system mentioned above, utilises cutting edge wine storage technology exclusively used by Cellar Maison in this way. Our clients’ collection of wine, including reds, whites and Champagne, is kept here in genuine cellar conditions (as opposed to wine refrigeration units which are by comparison, just for immediate cooling of white wines and Champagne before drinking.)
Capacity of this particular Wine Room, is approximately 1200 bottles. The home owners are able to view their wine, enjoy the overall aesthetic, select bottles for drinking whilst entertaining friends.  They can  utilise the inner space fully with the built-in bar area that holds their beautiful decanters and selected glasses ready for use. There is also a useful drawer built in to keep their wine accessories and tasting notes to hand.
Aesthetics of the space have been designed to fit the classic pleasures of a traditional wine cellar. Integrated LED lighting warmly showcases the wine and is enhanced by the clever use of an antique mirror in the rear panel, reflecting the treasures within the bar space.
Along the side of the cellar is a feature wall that has been crafted in reclaimed oak wine barrel tile cladding. The cellar itself is in dark oak hardwood, again, perfectly in keeping with a traditional cellar – but with the great advantage of modern, safe wine storage technology.
A final touch to this lovely space, is the traditional library style ladder can run along the front of the cellar to allow access to the top levels. It is fashioned in solid oak and offers a certain charm to the experience of being in ones very own cellar.
For more information about this cellar, or to discuss a space of your own – whether residential or commercial, please contact us here. We are more than happy to talk about the options and also work closely with designers, property developers and architects as well as independently with our clients.
Thank you,
“Once an elite luxury, having a wine cellar in your home is no longer out of reach and indeed, is now widely considered an essential part of a well appointed home – Just as attention is put on a high-end kitchens and dedicated entertaining spaces.”
CM small logo (673x204)

Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan are the talented duo at Gayan and Nathan, a bespoke professional wine service.

Marina is one of only a few hundred world-wide to have gained a Master of Wine. Read here for more about the Master of Wine (MW).

Helen’s professional expertise in food includes publications and experience in some of the word’s top restaurants.  Together, they introduce their clients to wines they will love, driven by their individual palate choices and not labels. Their service is exclusive and unique.

Marina and Helen

Marina and Helen

Cellar Maison are very pleased to bring our clients exclusive events and personal services through Gayan and Nathan to help enhance knowledge and enjoyment of buying, drinking and cellaring wine.

Here is a Q&A with input from both Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan. Marina will be providing more technical answers to questions in articles coming up.

Following on from here, we will also offer the rare opportunity to ask Marina Gayan specific questions of your own. Keep in touch here for details.

Q:  What are your core services offered at Gayan + Nathan?

A: First and foremost we want to help people find wines they really enjoy. We offer a palate profiling service – A type of ‘treasure hunt’ – where we examine wines clients currently drink, test their palate and then introduce them to similar or complimentary styles from other wine regions across the world. Once we know what wines suit, we run a personal wine shopping service and can advise on stocking and maintaining small or large cellars. Being independent, we buy on our clients’ behalf from some of the worlds best wine makers and importers. Additionally, we have helped fill cellars in ski chalets and game lodges around the globe.

Q: Who do you work with? Is this something that can be tailored to individual needs?

A: We work with anyone interested in wine; from the novice wine enthusiast, embarking for the first time on filling a cellar, through to the most experienced collectors, who may have knowledge in certain areas, but wish to expand their wine horizons – as one client put it “Gayan and Nathan awakened the inner wine child in me again!”

Q: Do you find there is an element of anxiety from people concerned about ‘getting it wrong’ when it comes to wine choices?

A: It’s all about enjoyment, so for us it’s important to remove any possible anxiety. We metaphorically hold your hand every step of the way. There are no right or wrong answers it’s purely about personal taste. With Marina’s vast wine knowledge, having tasted thousands of wines (and noted her results) over almost 3 decades, she uses this unique experience to link tastes and styles and help our clients find wines again and again that they really enjoy, not driven by labels or fashion.

Q: How do you cater to the requirements of your clients who are established wine collectors and what particular services are best suited to them?

A: Some clients are extremely knowledgeable and we love meeting people who share our passion. Some Bordeaux collectors might be interested to expand their knowledge of super Tuscans or the cooler climate regions of the new world. Others might love Pinot Noir but wish to learn more about how the grape is used outside Burgundy. We have run blind left bank vs right bank Bordeaux tastings, horizontal tastings of a particular chateaux, the list is endlessly exciting! We are keen to talk to anyone who shares our love of wine, whatever their knowledge or experience.

Q: What is the best way for someone who would like to develop their knowledge of wine and wine cellaring at home to start?

A: The best way to start is to open bottles and taste wines blind. You wouldn’t buy a perfume purely on the packaging and you shouldn’t buy wines because someone else tells you they are good. With the total number of taste buds humans have ranging from 500 to 11,000, people at opposite ends of this spectrum will have a natural predisposition to like different styles of wines. Which wines you like when tasted blind is purely a matter of personal taste. That’s why at Gayan and Nathan we start everything we do with palate profiling.

Q: Do you have advice for people concerned about how to choose the best wine to compliment the food they are serving?

As a chef, I think it’s really important to match wines to suit the food you enjoy. We always accompany our wine suggestions with suggested menus and food pairings Wine on its own can taste completely different when drunk along side food. At a recent blind sparking session we tasted a selection of wines including Bollinger NV, which none of the guests surprising enjoyed until accompanied with food.

Q: How do you find people respond during and after your Palate Profiling?

A: Some people worry that the session may be intimidating but we always try and put clients at ease and explain that there are no right or wrong answers. As soon as you bag up a wine and cover its label, the only question you have to ask yourself is “do I like it or not’ People often come away from palate profiling pleasantly surprised with a new found love of a different style to one they have currently coveted. We don’t try and trick people or catch them out. Sometimes the most experienced wine drinkers find it hardest to let go of their intellectual wine knowledge and let their palate lead the show. Palate profiling isn’t there for people to guess what they are drinking, but to dig a little deeper and examine what it is about certain wines they like or dislike.


Marina Gayan MW will be answering general cellaring questions soon, but in the meantime if you have anything specific you would like to ask her or Helen Nathan, please contact us at info@cellarmaison.com or info@gayanandnathan.com with subject line: G&N Wine Question.

The Gayan and Nathan private palate profiling service is lead by Master of wine Marina Gayan with food specially prepared by chef Helen Nathan. This can organised in your own home or office with up to 4 guests. For further information, please contact Helen Nathan at www.gayanandnathan.com

Contemporary Wine Wall Esher

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CM small logo (673x204)

The prestigious Decorex design show is coming up fast – Book here to secure your tickets for either Trade Professionals in any area of interior design and property development; or Consumer tickets those who love style, design and want to be truly inspired by the exhibitors at this annual event. A magnificent array of exhibitors will be attending and the event is stylishly catered for food and drinks including the Champagne Bar designed exclusively this year by 1508 London.

Cellar Maison will be there for the whole event – 18th – 21st of September, 2016. We’ll be speaking to architects, interior designers, property developers and of course those wishing to create their own private wine cellar at home.

We invite you to come and say hello – You can also pre-register with us here first to let us know you’ll be attending. We are happy to set up a private appointment to talk in more depth at a time to suit you. As premium, bespoke designers of our signature Wine Walls, Wine Cellars and Wine Pods, we have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of secure wine storage – and the aesthetic attention to design and style that results in exquisite results.

This year at Decorex, we have very special guests at our stand – Marina Gayan MW and her business partner Helen Nathan, who together are Gayan + Nathan, will be on site for two days only – 19th – 20th of September. Please come and meet them and hear how you can enter the draw to WIN an exclusive Private Palate Profiling session and 6 bottles of expertly selected wine based on the winner’s palate.


Marina and Helen


Gayan + Nathan offer an exclusive, unique wine advisory service that includes wine selection, cellar stocking and management, education and palate profiling.

We’ll keep you posted as we near the event but do get your tickets as soon as you can! Looking forward to seeing our clients and meeting many new people.

Cellar Maison.

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Here’s our Cellar Maison spring recipe and wine matches from our New Zealand Wine Cellar (London) interview.

Sometimes it’s nice to ease into spring, keeping some comfort food but venturing into fresher flavours. This recipe uses a base of sourdough bread to soak up the chicken’s cooking juices resulting in a ready made, luscious accompaniment.


The pictures below are of a butterflied chicken but you can also roast whole, just increase the cooking time.


1 chicken, free range and organic – either whole, or butterflied
2 lemons
6 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 bunch of fresh thyme
1 bunch of French tarragon
80 grams of butter
200 ml of extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and cracked black pepper
1/2 a loaf of good quality sourdough bread

Turn oven to 200°C.
Cut the bread into thick slabs and place in the bottom of a roasting pan. Drizzle with 100ml of extra virgin olive oil and scatter with half of the garlic and fresh thyme, add a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
Soften half the butter and mix with the finely chopped tarragon and the remaining crushed garlic. Carefully spread the butter mixture under the chicken skin. Place one whole lemon inside the cavity or under the chicken, if butterflied.
Sit the chicken on top of the bread. Season with salt and pepper, scatter over the rest of the thyme and the other lemon that has been sliced roughly. Dot with the remaining butter and drizzle over the olive oil.
Roast for 30 minutes, reduce the heat to 150°C and cook for a further 20- 30 minutes – Depending on if the bird is whole or butterflied. (Check the juices run clear from the thickest part of the thigh). Remove from the oven and rest in a warm place for 15 minutes. Squeeze over the juice of the whole cooked lemon.
Serve with chunks of the
chicken-cooked bread and pan juices.

Simple steamed asparagus, peas or other fresh spring greens with fresh mint, a drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

Why not try one of the suggestions from our NZ Cellar interview?

Chicken with Thyme and Lemon

Roast Chicken

Spring mint

Here’s a link to the Cellar Maison team – Contact us for all inquiries about home and commercial Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods.

Decanter, the leading wine magazine enjoyed by experts and enthusiasts in over 90 countries, has a great feature in the July edition showcasing wine cellars and storage. Cellar Maison are very pleased to be featured – Click here for full article.


Here is an excerpt from the piece specifically about Cellar Maison:

“Cellar Maison is a London-based firm that also specialises in the bespoke end of wine storage. It can design and build entire wine rooms, or insulated walk-in spaces, with the option of incorporating wine-tasting and entertaining facilities. The designs use premium materials to create stunning wine galleries, which start at £20,000 for a small room, up to £250,000 for the largest, most complex designs. ‘There’s a growing demand to display and store wine collections at home,’ says managing director Andrew Speer – that demand has seen Cellar Maison’s sales increase by 50% in the past 12 months.”

Contemporary wine wall Esher (4) (Copy)

At Cellar Maison, we encourage both private home owners and professionals working with high-end clients in commercial or residential property design, to make contact with us. In a phone call, you can gain a good understanding of our custom made, high quality Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods. Style wise, the choices can be tailored to your requirements – Perhaps a sleek modern look; a traditional cellar space; an industrial bar fit-out – The possibilities are endless. Call or email us here:

+44 (0)20 8242 4367

Wine - Commercial Space

Decanter Magazine JULY 16 – Cellar Maison – Wine Storage Article