The latest Cellar Maison design and installation has been a dramatic transformation of a space previously under utilised, into something truly magnificent.

A former barn on our client’s property, lent itself perfectly to a large scale, highly functional and elegantly appointed walk-in Wine Cellar. The space, previously used to park vehicles in, had to first be thoroughly assessed by one of our Design Team and one of our specialist Project Managers.

“The creative process is just as important as the technical details,” says Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

“Bringing our client’s dream to life, meant we wanted to gain a full understanding of their existing wine collection and how this may evolve over time. We also needed to discuss aesthetics, style preferences, colours, textures, materials and operational aspects of their new Wine Cellar.”

Simon Coombs

In order to create an adequate ‘shell’ structure to support Cellar Maison’s temperature and humidity controlled installation, additional thermal insulation and a vapour barrier were required. Detailed initial planning and step by step progression is essential to ensure technical specifications are completed correctly and to the highest standard. In this cellar for example, early stage additional services were also installed including water supply, drainage and power.

Our client’s impressive existing wine collection includes many 3 litre ‘Jeroboams’ and 6 litre ‘Methuselah’ bottles. This meant that storage and display needed to provide appropriate space for these, as well as Champagne and standard sized bottle cellaring.

“Dedicated areas for wine tasting and entertaining features also needed to be incorporated therefore our consultation is very much around lifestyle and end user experience too,” Simon explains.

The construction, including exposed solid wood beams in the open pitched white ceiling, adds warmth alongside the oak joinery, and serves to retain the classic barn-like feel. The concealed LED in-joinery lighting and thoughtfully positioned LED directional spot lighting focuses attention on the bottle displays lining each wall.

A large glazed, thermally insulated viewing partition separates the cellar from the main house and makes a visually enticing entrance. Wine should be kept between 12-15 degrees Celsius for safe, long term storage.

At a capacity of over 2000 bottles, the Wine Cellar still leaves plenty of room for a tasting table and chairs so that guests can enjoy an ambient evening – perhaps by candlelight, to dine and drink selected wine from this truly unique, stunning home wine cellar.

Cellar Summary:

  • Barn conversion to Wine Cellar – space previously used for parking
  • Fully humidity and temperature controlled room created for optimal wine storage
  • Tailored design for client’s personal collection
  • Capacity of over 2000 bottles
  • Tasting table and entertaining space to be incorporated within
  • Thermally insulated viewing doors adjoining house living space
  • Concealed LED lighting incorporated to showcase bottles within the cellar
  • Solid timber beams, oak joinery, white walls and flagstone flooring
  • Fully bespoke design and installation by the Cellar Maison specialised team

To achieve a technically advanced and visually beautiful space is an essential combination in all Cellar Maison’s Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods.

To inquire about your own space, ideas for a cellar or dream wine cellar, please contact Simon Coombs, Client Consultant, or Andrew Speer, Director of Cellar Maison for initial questions or a tailored consultation.

*Do try out some initial designs and planning on our unique Online Design Planner where you can add your own specifications and create designs.

Sam Deacon, one of our Cellar Maison Design team, also a keen artist in his own right, has been stepping out to take in the extraordinary design events in London this month. Here is his account of the Fredrikson Stallard exhibition:

On the evening of the 12th of September I was invited to the launch of Fredrikson Stallard’s ‘Intuitive Gestures’ exhibition at the David Gill Gallery in Mayfair, London.” The summary of the event is shown below, taken from the site

‘Intuitive Gestures’ is Fredrikson Stallard’s first dedicated show at the London-based Gallery since 2016 and will showcase several significant bodies of work shown in the UK for the first time.

The exhibition title ‘Intuitive Gestures’ refers directly to the artists’ work which is a translation of both physical movement and subconscious thought. These two human faculties combine with the reactive qualities of materials – through the precision of digital technology – “to record the energetic action of making”. Rather than simply demonstrating a laboured process of form creation, the work captures that moment of freedom, where instinct and physical gestures are allowed precedence.

Presented in the UK for the first time during the exhibition will be the Antarctica collection; an ambitious body of work made entirely of acrylic where concept precedes function. The Antarctica works again capture visceral action, in this case, suggesting a tool hacking away at blocks of ice. This moment of violence is frozen in stillness.  The rawness captured inside the volumes is juxtaposed with the smooth surface, creating a play of illumination, continually activating both the piece and environment around it.’

I was inspired by the beauty, expert combination and craftsmanship of materials used in this exhibition.

The Antarctica collection, while being raw and hacked as described above, also has an air of fragility and instability, as though a single touch of the acrylic surface would warp it further or melt its ice like form. This collection mastered the manipulation of light, the thick acrylic block causing a magnified and distorted view through refraction. These beautiful tables cast intricate shadows on the floor, creating a show stopping centrepiece in a room.

More details of this beautiful table:

Another firm favourite from the show was the Species II armchair, pictured below. This luxurious armchair at first glance looks to be carved from stone with its sharp edges and rigid form. Similar to the Antarctica range, this sculptural masterpiece craves to be touched and enjoyed, but its scale, colour and fragility seemed to intimidate some. This chair is a true piece of sculptural art, an illusion made from polyurethane, glass fibre and polyester.

My favourite pieces from the exhibition were the ‘Scriptus Shelves’, storage shelving inspired by hand drawn calligraphy lines. I love the unique thin forms of these wavering shelves, another fragile looking but fully functional piece of modular furniture in a beautiful material, patinated steel. We have noticed the increasing popularity of tarnished and antique metals in our recent Cellar Maison wine room projects and I was inspired by these strong patinated steel shelves.

Our luxurious contemporary and hybrid Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods often combine many materials including acrylic, metal, glass and wood joinery. The beautiful and unique properties of these materials in co-ordination with each other and alongside well-designed lighting can create functional masterpieces, as seen in our online gallery. The below example of our project in Hersham, Surrey, combines back lit acrylic, stainless steel metal bottle supports and grey washed joinery to create an enticing and opulent wine room.

The work of Fredrikson Stallard is a great source of inspiration and an example of how such materials can be manipulated to create unique and luxurious furniture. The exhibition ran from the 13th of September until the 28th of September at the David Gill Gallery, 2-4 Kind Street, London, SW1Y 6QP. The latest and highly coveted furniture from Fredrikson Stallard may perhaps inspire ideas for your own Wine Wall, Pod or Wine Cellar from Cellar Maison.

Please do contact Cellar Maison here for a friendly, no obligation chat or start with our unique Online Design Planner.

Up next in our series that celebrates the talented team we have here at Cellar Maison, is Areeb Khan – One of our concept designers and a talented CAD technician.

Areeb is a great example of the our unwavering belief that good design  is not only to have the technical skills, precision and accuracy required, but also to have that ‘x factor’, the creative flair and attention to detail that brings warmth and personality into our Wine Cellar designs.

Talented beyond the day to day design work, Areeb has recently been able to celebrate another milestone:

I completed my BA Architecture degree, and our graduation ceremony was pushed back to January instead of August, so it was great to finally receive my certificate. So now I am a qualified part 1 Architect.

A bit more of Areeb’s story:

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Areeb has now been living in London for over 23 Years. He’s settled in Edgeware, North London with his partner and their son Oscar (1) – and a brand new addition to the family, their little daughter Alara, born this year.

Alongside his passion for architecture, Areeb is a keen Arsenal fan. Having been part of the QPR and Arsenal Football Academy whilst growing he always had a dream to become a footballer.

My influences in architecture and design are mostly in contemporary architecture, and I have a recently developed fascination with contemporary Japanese architecture.

I’m a fan of MAD Architects, they are new to the architecture field but they put their name out in all corners of the world with stunningly beautiful buildings. I’m in love with this space! 

I like how architectural building form (shape) has a meaning, mostly visually, and challenges doing things that have never been done before and overcoming obstacles.

I must admit, since working for Cellar Maison, I have started focusing on materials and their characteristics, such as how brass works with certain materials and how they make us feel, the luxury within the space. For a long time prior to this, I was focusing on ‘how the space makes us feel’ but now I can enhance the experience with beautiful detail and attention to the material we use.

“Technology interests me too. Quite recently I’ve become fascinated with virtual reality, AR reality and learning the related skills in my spare time. I have now developed a 360 virtual tour for Wine Rooms and Wine Cellars for Cellar Maison which we will be looking to publish on the website really soon. We will also be able to send this to potential clients so they can really feel the space beforehand in reality. We are going to turn this experience into an interactive virtual tour, via a Cellar Maison App. This is a massive step forward in the technology and experience we can offer our clients and I am so excited to be part of it!”

Watch this space! Thank you to Areeb for contributing and sharing parts of his story, interests and what is undoubtedly going to be an amazing next chapter in Cellar Maison too.

For all inquiries about both Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods, please contact us at or call our friendly designers/consultants for a chat on +44 (0)20 3633 3286.





As you open the door and walk into the cellar, you’re greeted by a stunning sensory symphony of wood, marble and glass.

Cellar Maison’s latest bespoke Wine Cellar in our clients’ lovely home has been made as a pure union of form and function.


Quick Look Top 10 Features – Cellar Profile:

  1. 1200 bottle capacity
  2.  Backlit wine wall incorporated in the rear of the cellar
  3. Grey washed oak wooden joinery
  4. Polished white marble floor
  5. 12 square metre footprint – efficient use of space
  6. Soft closing drawers for storage of wine accessories
  7. Built in wine-case storage
  8. Set up and catalogued by Master of Wine from Gayan & Nathan
  9. Custom made sealed door of thermally insulated glass
  10. Humidity, temperature and climate controlled for optimum cellar storage of a wine collection

Gleaming bottles are back-lit along the feature wall at at the rear, drawing you through and towards the mesmerising glow. The bespoke stainless steel bottle display offers minimal distraction from the bottles themselves – The ultimate stars of the show.

The floor of polished white marble, gives a sense of elegance and an almost surreal reflected light within the space.

Along either side of the room, is a beautifully crafted wine display in a more traditional look of wooden joinery. Grey washed oak has been used to add depth and a sense of solidity. This contrast in materials and texture to the floor and back wall, ensure there is a necessary sense of warmth to the room.


Cellar Maison – Wine Cellar perfectly tailored for our clients’ wishes

Custom made, soft-closing accessory drawers are built in; useful for tasting notes, corkscrews and other accessories essential to a comprehensive wine cellar.

Also on a soft close system, are the pull-out wine case drawers. Perfect for storage of case-by-case collections – and pleasantly functional with their smooth operating features, the ambience is maintained.

All Cellar Maison Wine Rooms, are climate – humidity and temperature controlled. This ensures optimal storage conditions for wines, including reds, whites and Champagne. The door and frame on this wine cellar has also been designed with Cellar Maison’s integrated draft seals and a thermally insulated glass panel.

The capacity of this wine room is approximately 1200 bottles – an efficient use of this space of approximately twelve square metres.

Our clients’ wine collection has been carefully organised and ordered for ease of use and criteria for their cellar. Gayan and Nathan, collaborating partners with Cellar Maison, were engaged to unpack and order the cellar. They worked in consultation with our clients to ensure the process was smooth and enjoyable – and a wonderful site to behold when Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, and Helen Nathan, revealed their fully stocked and operational cellar!

Wine advisory, buying and cellaring services are all offered by Gayan and Nathan. Please click through to their site here – don’t miss their private Palate Profiling events either!

For more information on our signature Cellar Maison Wine Walls, Wine Pods and Wine Cellars, please contact us at or +44 (0)20 3633 3286.

We work with home owners, architects, designers and property developers and are always happy to have a talk about your home or project.



We’re proud to give a shout out to all the Cellar Maison team members to acknowledge and appreciate all they bring to the company, but also celebrate their diverse and fascinating lives outside work.

Next in this series, we introduce Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

Our client facing consultant, Simon, has over 12 years experience working with clients to deliver exceptional projects particularly in the luxury goods sector.

Simon understands the importance of listening to, understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients and ensuring that their vision is translated into a brief for our creative and production teams to deliver installations that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

He has recently completed his WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirits.

Detail from our limited edition Wine Carousel – Click for full showcase

Expanding his knowledge of wine has become a true passion for Simon. He loves sampling different grape varietals and developing his palate – a very enjoyable thing to research! With his  WSET Level 2 under his belt, there’s never a lack of excuse to share a bottle or two with friends and family.
Simon’s dream wine is

As a father of two small children Simon doesn’t have a huge amount of spare time but when he gets the chance he loves to get out and play hockey. He also spends his Sundays, shouting on the field coaching the local U8’s rugby team, which he likens to trying to herd a swarm of flies into a plastic cup.
Simon’s perfect day sporting day out would be watching England beat their opponents at Twickenham.
When he does get some “quiet time” he loves reading books and is particularly interested in military history and polar exploration, Winston Churchill and Ernest Shackleton being his heroes.
Simon has a passion for watches and loves wandering around antique shops looking for interesting pieces. His ultimate watch would be a Patek Philippe world time reference 1415 with enamel dial.

Detail from a Cellar Maison Wine Room – Click for full showcase

It’s great to have Simon on board. The fact that he “walks the talk” as a wine-loving, family person, means he can relate extremely well to our clients and our collaborating partners in the world of wine and design.
Please do get in touch  about any wine cellar inquiry, either commercial or residential.
You’ll be guaranteed of a friendly reception!

Next in our Celebrating Talent at Cellar Maison series, we’re pleased to introduce Samuel Deacon.

Samuel Deacon is one of our Cellar Maison concept designers. With his flair for style, he is a great fit in the Cellar Maison team. Sam brings his keen eye and attention to detail to all he does. Aside from that, he’s got a great sense of humour and is a lot of fun to have around!

Samuel Deacon – With a passion for interior design and the creation of high quality drawings and visuals, Sam has joined Cellar Maison as one of our new CAD Concept designers.

Since graduating from university with a degree in Interior Architecture, Sam has worked in the luxury furniture sales sector, designing and presenting interior schemes for high end residential and commercial projects.

Cellar Maison Wine Room – Texture, colour, style, space

Samuel lives in West London with his partner, and when he isn’t painting, they are undertaking renovations in their home, trying new restaurants and figuring out where to travel to next. Samuel enjoys visiting art galleries and design shows in his spare time, keeping up to date with the latest trends and taking inspiration from his new home in London.

Alongside his passion for interiors, Sam is a painter in his own right, who creates large scale abstract works inspired by colour and texture. He uses his eye for balance and well considered composition in his design.

Since moving to London a little under two years ago, Samuel has exhibited his abstract pieces in many galleries including the A&D Gallery, Studio Spaces E1, Oxford House and Cass Art Edinburgh – We’ll update on the next show so you can get along there.  Someone to keep an eye on in the art world!

Check Sam’s website here: 

Scales – by Samuel Deacon

A new year brings new styles and trends to the world of design. With the input of one of our Cellar Maison concept designers, Samuel Deacon, we highlight for you, the top trends forecast for 2017. We also look at what’s timeless, classic – and the importance of choosing what YOU like and what suits your tastes within the space of your home or business.


A quick browse on Pinterest or style blogs will give you a good idea on the colours trending for 2017. It can be inspirational to have a browse and see what you like. Sometimes it’s a good chance to refresh a few tired furnishings or features of your home – Or perhaps, it’s time for a bigger renovation incorporating a long wished for Wine Cellar, Wine Pod or Wine Wall?

This year we are bringing our interiors back to nature, introducing earthy tones and the incorporating blues and greens to create a harmonious and calming environment.

Pantone’s colour of the year is the aptly named ‘Greenery’ a refreshing shade of green that ‘is symbolic of new beginnings.’

This bold shade could be the much-needed breath of fresh air on your walls, or introduced into your accessories and soft furnishings for a more subtle splash of this vivid burst of green. It echoes nature in its freshness and vibe of spring time growth.




In contrast, Dulux have named ‘Denim Drift’ as the colour of the year, a less daring but nonetheless a natural shade that will compliment many interior spaces.

Dulux have chosen this colour on review of current trends in architecture and fashion, selecting a cool tone that would work well in any room of the house. The bluey-grey is a great choice as its neutral undertones can be paired with many materials, enhancing their natural qualities – Think of this with beautiful natural wood, or perhaps features of copper, brass or bronze – all used in our wine rooms, along with the sleek, frameless glass of our signature cellars.




The materials that are forecast to trend in 2017 are also themed on the concept of returning to nature. The use of cork and terracotta are predicted to make a reappearance. Both provide a warm and textured aesthetic to your interior. A functional and beautifully textured cork wall is a great backdrop for vibrant and natural plant life. When incorporated into a wine cellar, we can bring in a variety of elements that not only compliment your existing interiors, but that become a feature that people are immediately drawn to.

Pale wood combines beautifully with the frameless glass doors, brushed stainless steel surround and fresh lighting in a Contemporary Wine Wall in the lovely home of our client in Esher.

Example of 3D render by Samuel Deacon of Cellar Maison. Here texture is illustrated with the use of a range of complimentary materials.

At Cellar Maison we are passionate about creating quality, custom-made wine cellar solutions to suit your wine collection, available space, and individual style. Please do contact our design team to assist you in creating your bespoke wine cellar or for more information for professionals and commercial projects.

Wishing you a happy and vibrant 2017!

From the Cellar Maison Team





Here we bring you a Cellar Maison Showcase on a recent installation to a lovely residence in the Home Counties.
From our signature range of bespoke cellars, the style is what we call a Classic Wine Room. This means it is a walk-in space with access from the front wall of the room. In this Wine Room, instead of just a door, the viewing area of the cellar has been expanded to take up the whole width of the room. This makes it an exceptionally beautiful and significant feature of the home – With the crucial capability of storing the owners’ wine collection in absolutely optimal conditions in our specialised climate controlled environment, standard to all our Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Pods.
 Version 3
The front viewing wall of the cellar has been completed with our unique frameless glass, custom made and using antique brass for the fittings and handles, in keeping with the classic features of the home and the rest of the cellar.
 The climate control system mentioned above, utilises cutting edge wine storage technology exclusively used by Cellar Maison in this way. Our clients’ collection of wine, including reds, whites and Champagne, is kept here in genuine cellar conditions (as opposed to wine refrigeration units which are by comparison, just for immediate cooling of white wines and Champagne before drinking.)
Capacity of this particular Wine Room, is approximately 1200 bottles. The home owners are able to view their wine, enjoy the overall aesthetic, select bottles for drinking whilst entertaining friends.  They can  utilise the inner space fully with the built-in bar area that holds their beautiful decanters and selected glasses ready for use. There is also a useful drawer built in to keep their wine accessories and tasting notes to hand.
Aesthetics of the space have been designed to fit the classic pleasures of a traditional wine cellar. Integrated LED lighting warmly showcases the wine and is enhanced by the clever use of an antique mirror in the rear panel, reflecting the treasures within the bar space.
Along the side of the cellar is a feature wall that has been crafted in reclaimed oak wine barrel tile cladding. The cellar itself is in dark oak hardwood, again, perfectly in keeping with a traditional cellar – but with the great advantage of modern, safe wine storage technology.
A final touch to this lovely space, is the traditional library style ladder can run along the front of the cellar to allow access to the top levels. It is fashioned in solid oak and offers a certain charm to the experience of being in ones very own cellar.
For more information about this cellar, or to discuss a space of your own – whether residential or commercial, please contact us here. We are more than happy to talk about the options and also work closely with designers, property developers and architects as well as independently with our clients.
Thank you,
“Once an elite luxury, having a wine cellar in your home is no longer out of reach and indeed, is now widely considered an essential part of a well appointed home – Just as attention is put on a high-end kitchens and dedicated entertaining spaces.”
CM small logo (673x204)

The King’s Library – A magnificent building with a fascinating history is now transformed into residential apartments with the finest in luxury design features.

Cellar Maison were engaged by Tenhurst to design and install a limited edition custom-made Wine Carousel as a fully functional, stunning feature wall in the entrance to the prestigious apartments situated in the former school within the King’s Library.

Each of the three metre high carousels have been made with a precision engineered chain and cog mechanism, which allows the bottles to rotate around the carousel by winding the handle. Every component has been individually handmade. The construction is of solid brass with a bronze patina making it delightfully solid and beautifully sturdy.

To operate, one slowly turns the handle and the wine rotates effortlessly around until coming to a stop at the bottle selected for drinking. Each bottle is securely harnessed in a sling that keeps it horizontal. Even the solid, rhythmic sound of the heavy cogs as they turn, is satisfying and evocative of another era where hand crafted artistry was the norm.

Cellar Maison Wine Carousels are a limited edition series of just 20, priced at £22k + VAT.  To inquire about securing one of the remaining carousels for your home, a client’s home or alternatively, a wine bar, restaurant or hotel, please inquire directly to us at


More about the King’s Library by Tenhurst –


In the 1970s the building was occupied by the first adult education college in Britain, which became the Kensington & Chelsea College. The College moved into a new facility next door in 2011 and the old Sloane School fell empty. During this time the vacant classrooms were used as a setting for the award winning film The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne as scientist Stephen Hawking.

This elegant Edwardian school building on Hortensia Road is the setting for eighteen opulent Tenhurst apartments, which draw on the unique character of a dynamic and engaging building rich in space and light.

Each of the eighteen residences at The King’s Library has been carefully designed by Robin Partington & Partners Architects, drawing inspiration from the character of the architecture while also creating individually crafted residences for contemporary living.


Cellar Maison are working with home owners and commercial professionals including architects, property developers and designers to plan, design and install the most exquisite Wine Cellars, Wine Walls, Wine Pods – and now the limited edition Wine Carousels. For more details, please browse our gallery, try our Online Design Planner and get in touch with our friendly, professional consultants.


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Private View is Knight Frank’s in-house glossy magazine which showcases their finest in property and high-end, luxury products. There is much to enjoy browsing, whether for inspiration now, or to add to the wish-list.

Cellar Maison is featured in the latest online edition – CLICK HERE to read the article in full.

In the below excerpt, Managing Director of Cellar Maison, Andrew Speer is interviewed:

‘Wine and food culture in Britain is rapidly evolving. Within the next decade, a climate- controlled wine-storage room or wall will be as common in a prime residence as a well-appointed kitchen or a home cinema,’ says Andrew Speer, MD of Cellar Maison, which designs bespoke wine walls, pods and cellars. Its clients typically spend from £40,000 to £250,000, ‘and may have a few thousand bottles in bond and another 500 to 2,000 at home for personal enjoyment,’ says Speer, from New Zealand’s wine-growing Marlborough region, whose collaboration with master of wine Marina Gayan includes profiling clients’ palates to help them build their fine-wine collection. ‘Many wine lovers and investors who’ve previously kept their collection in bonded storage now want a bespoke wine cellar. They’ll bring home mature, “ready-to-drink” bottles and create a unique environment there to allow them to appreciate their collection,’ says Speer.

The concept of having a wine cellar in the home is increasingly considered an essential feature, rather than an optional add on. Property developers and architects report their clients are eager to enjoy wine within their home, in a stylish setting but with the practicalities of a fully functional wine display that keeps their collection, whether large or small, in optimal condition.

Signature Wine Walls, Wine Pods and Wine Cellars from Cellar Maison can be viewed here in our gallery. For commercial and private home owner inquiries, please do get in touch with us for a free quote and discussion around your requirements.

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