Take a look at the latest event from Gayan and Nathan, exclusively for women and absolutely unique in its attention to the sensory preferences of the group in terms of their personal wine tastes and much more!

Fascinating to see how varied we all are and just how well Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, is able to pinpoint these particular and unique factors in each and every one of her guests.

The magic combination of Marina, teamed with business partner Helen Nathan, a renowned chef and food writer, result in fun packed events where guests learn, laugh and feel completely comfortable – A big deal in a traditionally stiff, ‘wine-buff’ environment.

Here’s a snippet but do read the full feature!

“Last week a bevy of women descended on Fleet Street to attend ‘A Sensory Wine Session’ organised by us in conjunction with Lutyens restaurant.
This wasn’t a run of the mill tasting with rows of bottles and endless discussions about South facing slopes, new grape varieties or the latest winemaking techniques. No one mentioned malolactic fermentation or barrel ageing. It was a purely hedonistic experience, created for women, to find wines they want to drink.”

Other events include Palate Profiling – see here for one couple’s fantastic food and wine centric evening hosted by Gayan and Nathan.

Marina and Helen

Marina Gayan and Helen Nathan

Cellar Maison highly recommend Gayan and Nathan to anyone interested in wine: drinking, collecting or cellaring. They offer professional, down to earth and highly personalised wine advisory services and events for groups, couples and individuals.

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People often ask us about the cellars they’ve seen photos of on our site and social media. Here we begin our series on sharing the stories of our customers with you.

Here’s a Q&A with Philip Price, one of our clients who commissioned a bespoke wine room for his Clapham home. Plus, a few tips from Philip about his wine collecting choices.

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Philip recently commissioned a bespoke wine room from Cellar Maison, to store and display up to five hundred bottles. The wine room – part of a new lower ground floor living space – is made from solid dark oak, enclosed in frameless glass, and incorporates integrated climate control.

What made you decide to incorporate a wine cellar into the plans for the new basement conversion project?

I have been a wine enthusiast for many years and the decision to extend our living space with a new basement allowed opportunity to finally create the temperature-controlled wine cellar in my own home which I have always coveted. We considered various alternatives from established wine cellar suppliers but the space we had in our new basement presented my wife and I with the opportunity to create something bespoke and very special. We have found that the completed cellar satisfies our storage needs and we are delighted that it provides a unique and attractive feature for our property.

Why did you choose Cellar Maison over other companies?

We received the recommendation to use Cellar Maison from our main contractors for the new basement, Qualitas Construction Ltd. Having met with Andrew and reviewed some of his earlier work, Cellar Maison became a compelling choice for us.

How did you find the customer experience from start to finish?

We are delighted with our bespoke wine room and very pleased with the way the team at Cellar Maison made our dream into a reality. We were also impressed with the project management undertaken by Cellar Maison and the way that they implemented from start to finish our design requirements and co-ordination of the various ancillaries (timberwork, glass partitions and air conditioning). We would thoroughly recommend Cellar Maison.

Do you have any favourite wines you can recommend currently?

I have collected red Bordeaux for a long time and am a keen devotee of the wines of St Julien. In Burgundy, I particularly like the wines of Jean Marc Boillot, Philippe Colin and Bernard Moreau. In the new world, the wines of Monte Bello in California and Greenock Creek in Australia are very appealing. Currently (May 2013) the 2011 port vintage looks like a bargain – as long as you are patient!

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Floor to ceiling, custom made, curved frameless glass forms the structure for safely housing the wine and displaying it as a feature of the home.

If you’re reading this on one of our social media pages, come on over to the website to have a good look at some other cellar, wine wall and wine pod designs.