When form and function meet in pure perfection. In a unique collaboration, renowned glass artist, Brian Hirst, has teamed up with Italian sommelier and wine extraordinaire, Giorgio De Maria to create stunning, hand made glass decanters that are designed precisely and ergonomically to suit the wine and the person pouring. The end products are a must-have for every cellar and dining table.

G+B Decanter - Brian Hirst

G+B Decanter – Brian Hirst (Photo – Nicola Speer)

These extraordinary wine vessels are self-described as designs inspired by “the asymmetrical shape and the organic feeling”.  Their selection of signature designs are both quirky and practical, beautiful pieces of art that are perfect to use. The indentation for the thumb, with the fingers positioned at the bottom of the vessel, allow a controlled pour, while the neck and bowl dimensions ensure the wine can breathe appropriately before serving.

Each decanter is hand made, mouth blown and exquisitely crafted and therefore each is unique with its own particular qualities and feel. These decanters are decidedly collectable and make a wonderful gift for any true wine lover. The good news is, you may order online and receive your decanter carefully wrapped and safely delivered from Brian Hirst’s Sydney studio, to your door, worldwide.


Here is a link to Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria’s website and details of how to order decanters online. As you may guess, demand for this dynamic duo’s wonderful decanters is high, from both private customers and high-end wine bars and restaurants.

To find out more about Brian Hirst, you can have a look here at his very impressive life-time as an award winning glass artist and print maker.

Giorgio De Maria, is a well-known proponent of natural and low intervention wines and along with a handful of others passionate in this field, created the annual Sydney festival of international natural wine and sustainable, organic food – Rootstock.

Traditional wine pod (3) (Copy)

Cellar Maison Wine Pod

Cellar Maison are always, keen to share news of artisan and boutique, high quality wine related products. A popular feature our customers ask for in their bespoke Wine Cellars and Wine Pods is a tasting table or custom made bar where wine can be opened and enjoyed within the space. Displaying and using optimum glassware and decanters for carefully collected wine brings a special element to the experience. Wine Walls or the smaller dimension Pods or Cellars can have glassware and decanter storage built in as well. Back lighting and the unique Cellar Maison frameless glass doors provide perfect display conditions for both the wine and the accessories within.

G+B Decanter - (Photo by Sydney photographer Greg Piper)

G+B Decanter – (Photo by Sydney photographer Greg Piper)

For inquiries about a Cellar Maison Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, please contact us here to speak to a professional design consultant, or try your hand at some ideas with our Online Design Planner.

Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria Wine Decanters

Brian Hirst and Giorgio De Maria Wine Decanters






Prime Resi, the UK’s premium online and print journal of luxury property, have put together an impressive collection of photos from homes with those ‘x-factor’ features. The selection was chosen as a festive season showcase.

Cellar Maison are featured with one of our signature hybrid style Wine Walls, installed in a contemporary, cutting-edge home in Battersea, London. The clear trend for wine cellars being installed in  private homes is highlighted once again. Popularity of wine cellars has certainly been heightened by their accessibility now, in comparison to the past where a large, underground space was required.

The good news today for those wishing to enjoy a home wine cellar, is the freedom to find a solution to fit your available space and budget. This can be either above ground – even in apartments, or below ground.  Cellar Maison provide a tailored service to suit every customer’s requirements, based on any of our three signature styles: Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods.

The best way to start, is either to give us a call, or have a play on our unique Online Design Planner which allows you to experiment with dimensions and features. The Cellar Maison team of consultants are always on hand to assist with your initial design ideas, right through to full installation.

Our thanks to Prime Resi for the inclusion. Hope you enjoy the collection of photos they’ve put together here:

Cellar Maison in Prime Resi

Cellar Maison’s contact details are:

+44 (0)20 8242 4367

Cellar Maison Wine Wall - Sketch Design

Cellar Maison Wine Wall – Sketch Design



As a desirable feature in homes, the wine cellar is now more accessible than ever. Home owners who want a private cellar can now have one whether they have an apartment or a house – and whatever their available space.

A great feature of Cellar Maison signature wine cellars, is they can be either above, or below ground. Being fully climate controlled, ensures storage of wine is in optimum conditions. Enjoying your wine in a visually stunning display that suits the style of your home and utilises your choice of materials makes this fully customised solution the first choice of home owners and trade professionals across London, the home counties and now within Europe by request.

Click on the link below to view the latest Cellar Maison’s Portfolio showing examples of Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods – plus details of some sought after materials and details of our integrated climate and temperature control solutions.

Cellar Maison – Portfolio Winter 2016

To experiment with designing your own cellar, go on to the unique Cellar Maison Online Design Planner to explore cellar styles and dimensions. For a chat about any aspect of our cellar design process, pricing, and installation, our professional consultants will be happy to speak to you. Call +44 (0)20 8242 4367 or email to arrange for a call.

Traditional Wine Cellar - Choose from Contemporary or Traditional Styles and Materials

Traditional Wine Cellar – Choose from Contemporary or Traditional Styles and Materials

Cellar Maison sent out our Winter Newsletter recently.

Here’s a link to the latest edition in case you missed it. Inside you’ll see a featured wine cellar; a review of 2015 – and a few plans for 2016.

There are also a couple of wine & food travel ideas that we hope will inspire you to look at a wine focused holiday in the next few months. See the picture below of the incredible Yeatman Hotel.

If you’d like to Subscribe to receive the Cellar Maison Seasonal Newsletter, please click onto our site and enter your email address. We only send four editions per year, one for each of the seasons. Each showcasing our latest wine cellar installations and offering wine collecting notes, links to interviews, plus wine, food & travel events.

Stay warm – Looking forward to Spring!

Newly installed Contemporary Wine Wall

Newly installed Contemporary Wine Wall

Contemporary Wine Wall - Client home in Esher

Contemporary Wine Wall – Client home in Esher

The Bacchus Suite -  The Yeatman

The Bacchus Suite – The Yeatman

Simplicity - Food for Wine

Simplicity – Food for Wine

Would you like to give more this festive season?

Not sure where to start or who to give to?

The festive season and lead up to the New Year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate, enjoy some good wine and food and spend time with friends and family. It also presents an ideal time to reflect on what we’re grateful for in our lives and what we can offer others.

It’s inspiring to hear of so many people for whom actively contributing, is built into their lives – Donating time and resources on a regular basis to those in our communities who are in need due to health challenges, displacement, being hungry or homeless; or alone and lonely.

Cellar Maison are donating £500 to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Here are a few ideas to help find a cause that inspires your generosity:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital – Looking after kids with health challenges and making their time in hospital a happier experience. GOSH work tirelessly to support seriously ill children and their families. They provide education and conduct research as well as give incredible attention to the children in their care. Their website gives a comprehensive guide to how you can become involved.
  • It seems very sad that there are older people in our communities who are alone or lonely. Community Christmas has a great story attached and there are a growing number of events in a variety of locations in the UK that seek out and bring older people into community events that promote connection and a sense of belonging. And there are opportunities to get involved in and attend events as well as contribute financially.
  • Homeless, hungry and dealing with a number of major challenges. This is a grim reality for many across London and the UK. There’s always room for compassion, listening and giving something to help. SHP actively work to prevent homelessness and promote social inclusion through professional care and education.

Give Well is reputable site offering detailed research they have put into finding top-rated charities worldwide. Check them out for tips on how best to contribute and how various charities work.

From everyone at Cellar Maison, we would love to wish you all a very happy festive season and a wonderful 2016.

Detail of Wine Pod

Exclusively British Magazine is a high-end UK magazine focused on the height of luxury, style and the latest design trends. Cellar Maison are in the current issue with a Q&A with Managing Director, Andrew Speer.

Here you can see the full Q&A for Exclusively British Magazine – Very much relevant for anyone wishing to install a wine cellar in their new or existing house or apartment.

Detail of Wine Pod

Is there a trend for installing bespoke wine cellars currently in Britain?

Andrew: Yes, last year and during the course of 2015, we have we noticed at least a 30% increase in the number of enquiries from architects, developers and home owners looking for climate controlled wine cellars, wine walls and wine rooms. People want to have that special addition to their home – A wine cellar that is visually stunning, and stores their wine collection safely.

Our typical clients have a real passion for fine wine and food and simply enjoy collecting wine and having access to it for dinners and tastings with friends.

Are owners choosing to take out existing wine storage and install a more sophisticated solution?

Andrew: Definitely, we remove many existing wine storage racks to replace with our bespoke installations. Unfortunately many wine racks neglect the essential elements of climate control, humidity regulation and design aesthetics. All our cellars, wine walls and wine pods come with these components, as well as specialised lighting for display. We’ve also found that many wine lovers and investors who have previously kept their collections in bonded storage, are now wanting a bespoke wine cellar. They value and understand their wine and like to bring the mature ‘ready to drink’ wines home. Creating a unique environment for wine within their property allows them to appreciate their collection on a daily basis, it becomes a talking point when entertaining guests at home.

Do your clients perceive that having a bespoke wine cellar will add value to their property?

Andrew: We are working with high end property developers who, based on consumer research, are now incorporating a wine cellar or feature wine wall into their luxury new-build residential properties. This is a growing trend and I am confident that within the next decade, a climate controlled wine storage cellar or wall will become as common as a home theatre or a well-appointed kitchen is now in prime residences. The wine and food culture of Britain continues to evolve so rapidly.

Currently what are the most popular styles and features requested by your clients?

Andrew: Both our contemporary Wine Pods and our Wine Walls are proving to be in high demand. Walk-in Wine Pods are our most innovative signature cellar. They beautifully enclose a corner or section of a room in a specialised frameless glass “pod” and can be created with either a curved or square glass enclosure. They are sleek, visually stunning and allow optimum viewing of wine from outside, whilst maintaining the perfect storage conditions within. Wine Walls have the advantage of taking up very little floor space since they are fitted along an existing wall. The LED back-lighting is colour changeable to suit the individual style of the home. Our full Wine Cellar option is perfect when people have a whole room or large cupboard space to convert to a cellar.

How does it work when a home owner or designer want to find out more about your wine cellars?

Andrew: We offer innovative solutions that no other wine cellar company can provide, including a bespoke customer service. We have a team of consultants, designers, glass and refrigerator experts who work together to support home owners, high-end developers.

A new feature on our website we’re very pleased with is our Online Design Planner, it allows people to play with the styles and dimensions themselves or with the support of our consultants.

What size or bottle capacity can your cellar solutions house?

Andrew: It’s really unlimited in scope. Materials, features and dimensions are fully customisable and start with choosing from our three signature cellar designs. We are currently working on a 6m x 6m walk-in cellar to hold up to 2000 bottles; this is in a contemporary style with bronze metal-framed glass doors. Some of our smaller cellars, pods or walls can store as few as 200 bottles.

Contemporary Wine Wall - Client home in Esher

Contemporary Wine Wall – Client home in Esher

How was Cellar Maison born?

Andrew: Having been immersed in the bespoke furniture industry for 20 years, developing sound experience in the property market, the trade professionals I worked with identified a growing demand for a niche wine cellar specialist. Selecting a team of experts including a refrigeration engineer, architectural glass specialist, designer and joiner, Cellar Maison was formed.

I am a wine lover but I still have a lot to learn about viticulture. I grew up in the Marlborough region in New Zealand and this is the environment I was raised in. I wanted to get into the wine cellaring business because of personal interest and to support the huge cultural change that is happening in Britain with wine collection and investment.

Cellar Maison was inspired by acknowledging the French wine cave – paying homage to this ancient concept and combining it with modern technology.

Interior designers, property developers and architects work along side us with their home-owner clients too so that the whole process is professional and smooth.  If you have a home and would like to look at our three signature cellar solutions, Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods, you can try our unique Online Design Planner giving you the chance to play around with design and dimensions online.



Cellar Maison are delighted to announce that the new website is now live and has some unique features we’d like to introduce you to.

To make the design process easy for home owners, property designers and architects, we’ve developed the new Online Design Planner.  It allows you to play with the features of our three signature wine cellar styles and bring your wine storage and display ideas to life.  Create exactly what you like for your individual style, wine collection and the space available whether above or below ground.


All our cellars are climate and humidity controlled and lit with latest technology, stylish solution lighting. More information on our  Cellar Designs page.


New updates on London and UK wine, food and travel news and events are coming up on the Cellar Maison blog . We have some interesting people in the world of wine to interview and feature in the coming months.

You can meet the team and check out the gallery of photos of our Wine Cellars, Wine Cellar Pods and Wine Cellar Walls.

Thank you – We invite you to browse the new site, have a play on the Online Design Planner and let us know if you have any questions, requests or comments.





There’s nothing like a bit of fizz and sparkle for a celebration and why not get to know your Champagne with a one day course, on Saturday 16th of May.

Browns Brasserie and Bar in Covent Garden, London, are hosting a day learning about and sampling Champagne and sparkling wine with lunch included. You’ll learn about all aspects including, how to best cellar and store Champagne – a topic we are passionate about here at Cellar Maison.

Click through for details of the One Day Fizz School here

We’d also like to pass on the link to The Juice Newsletter from Local Wine Events. It’s a great platform for bringing you wine and food events from all sorts of places in one, easy to access site. Check out their calendar and click through to the event host websites for full information.

For questions and inquires about how to have a wine cellar in your own home – whatever the space available, please contact us here.

Cellar Maison



People often ask us about the cellars they’ve seen photos of on our site and social media. Here we begin our series on sharing the stories of our customers with you.

Here’s a Q&A with Philip Price, one of our clients who commissioned a bespoke wine room for his Clapham home. Plus, a few tips from Philip about his wine collecting choices.

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Philip recently commissioned a bespoke wine room from Cellar Maison, to store and display up to five hundred bottles. The wine room – part of a new lower ground floor living space – is made from solid dark oak, enclosed in frameless glass, and incorporates integrated climate control.

What made you decide to incorporate a wine cellar into the plans for the new basement conversion project?

I have been a wine enthusiast for many years and the decision to extend our living space with a new basement allowed opportunity to finally create the temperature-controlled wine cellar in my own home which I have always coveted. We considered various alternatives from established wine cellar suppliers but the space we had in our new basement presented my wife and I with the opportunity to create something bespoke and very special. We have found that the completed cellar satisfies our storage needs and we are delighted that it provides a unique and attractive feature for our property.

Why did you choose Cellar Maison over other companies?

We received the recommendation to use Cellar Maison from our main contractors for the new basement, Qualitas Construction Ltd. Having met with Andrew and reviewed some of his earlier work, Cellar Maison became a compelling choice for us.

How did you find the customer experience from start to finish?

We are delighted with our bespoke wine room and very pleased with the way the team at Cellar Maison made our dream into a reality. We were also impressed with the project management undertaken by Cellar Maison and the way that they implemented from start to finish our design requirements and co-ordination of the various ancillaries (timberwork, glass partitions and air conditioning). We would thoroughly recommend Cellar Maison.

Do you have any favourite wines you can recommend currently?

I have collected red Bordeaux for a long time and am a keen devotee of the wines of St Julien. In Burgundy, I particularly like the wines of Jean Marc Boillot, Philippe Colin and Bernard Moreau. In the new world, the wines of Monte Bello in California and Greenock Creek in Australia are very appealing. Currently (May 2013) the 2011 port vintage looks like a bargain – as long as you are patient!

Cellar Maison Client Cellar

Floor to ceiling, custom made, curved frameless glass forms the structure for safely housing the wine and displaying it as a feature of the home.

If you’re reading this on one of our social media pages, come on over to the website to have a good look at some other cellar, wine wall and wine pod designs.


Ever vibrant, London offers a vast array of choices when it comes to wine events and tastings.  The trick is seeking them out, tracking them down and getting in and enjoying what’s on our doorsteps in this multi-faceted, exciting city. Here at Cellar Maison we are always on the lookout for new and interesting places to recommend for learning about collecting wine, and of course, for great food and wine.

Here’s one to check out – The events and wine dinners at Vivat Bacchus are held frequently at their London Bridge and Farringdon restaurants and are full of fun, information and variety. There is also a fabulous menu to explore including an impressive cheese selection.

Their Club Carnivore is founded on three simple rules:

1. Red meat ONLY

2. Red wine ONLY

3. Wine served in MAGNUMS or larger

….What’s not to like? Two Club Carnivore meals are coming up next week – check the site for details.

Coming up next week also is a Pinotage night in London Bridge and a Pairing Wine and Food at Farringdon. Great value for money, lots of fun and full of information, these nights are winners.

Looking forward to hearing more of your updates on events, tastings and good wine and food you’ve been enjoying.

If you have an event you would like to have listed or for any media inquiries contact

Cellar Maison - Exquisite ways to give you a home wine cellar for living and life

Cellar Maison – Exquisite ways to give you a home wine cellar for living and life