The latest Cellar Maison design and installation has been a dramatic transformation of a space previously under utilised, into something truly magnificent.

A former barn on our client’s property, lent itself perfectly to a large scale, highly functional and elegantly appointed walk-in Wine Cellar. The space, previously used to park vehicles in, had to first be thoroughly assessed by one of our Design Team and one of our specialist Project Managers.

“The creative process is just as important as the technical details,” says Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

“Bringing our client’s dream to life, meant we wanted to gain a full understanding of their existing wine collection and how this may evolve over time. We also needed to discuss aesthetics, style preferences, colours, textures, materials and operational aspects of their new Wine Cellar.”

Simon Coombs

In order to create an adequate ‘shell’ structure to support Cellar Maison’s temperature and humidity controlled installation, additional thermal insulation and a vapour barrier were required. Detailed initial planning and step by step progression is essential to ensure technical specifications are completed correctly and to the highest standard. In this cellar for example, early stage additional services were also installed including water supply, drainage and power.

Our client’s impressive existing wine collection includes many 3 litre ‘Jeroboams’ and 6 litre ‘Methuselah’ bottles. This meant that storage and display needed to provide appropriate space for these, as well as Champagne and standard sized bottle cellaring.

“Dedicated areas for wine tasting and entertaining features also needed to be incorporated therefore our consultation is very much around lifestyle and end user experience too,” Simon explains.

The construction, including exposed solid wood beams in the open pitched white ceiling, adds warmth alongside the oak joinery, and serves to retain the classic barn-like feel. The concealed LED in-joinery lighting and thoughtfully positioned LED directional spot lighting focuses attention on the bottle displays lining each wall.

A large glazed, thermally insulated viewing partition separates the cellar from the main house and makes a visually enticing entrance. Wine should be kept between 12-15 degrees Celsius for safe, long term storage.

At a capacity of over 2000 bottles, the Wine Cellar still leaves plenty of room for a tasting table and chairs so that guests can enjoy an ambient evening – perhaps by candlelight, to dine and drink selected wine from this truly unique, stunning home wine cellar.

Cellar Summary:

  • Barn conversion to Wine Cellar – space previously used for parking
  • Fully humidity and temperature controlled room created for optimal wine storage
  • Tailored design for client’s personal collection
  • Capacity of over 2000 bottles
  • Tasting table and entertaining space to be incorporated within
  • Thermally insulated viewing doors adjoining house living space
  • Concealed LED lighting incorporated to showcase bottles within the cellar
  • Solid timber beams, oak joinery, white walls and flagstone flooring
  • Fully bespoke design and installation by the Cellar Maison specialised team

To achieve a technically advanced and visually beautiful space is an essential combination in all Cellar Maison’s Wine Cellars, Wine Walls and Wine Pods.

To inquire about your own space, ideas for a cellar or dream wine cellar, please contact Simon Coombs, Client Consultant, or Andrew Speer, Director of Cellar Maison for initial questions or a tailored consultation.

*Do try out some initial designs and planning on our unique Online Design Planner where you can add your own specifications and create designs.

We’re proud to give a shout out to all the Cellar Maison team members to acknowledge and appreciate all they bring to the company, but also celebrate their diverse and fascinating lives outside work.

Next in this series, we introduce Simon Coombs, Cellar Maison’s Client Consultant.

Our client facing consultant, Simon, has over 12 years experience working with clients to deliver exceptional projects particularly in the luxury goods sector.

Simon understands the importance of listening to, understanding and interpreting the needs of our clients and ensuring that their vision is translated into a brief for our creative and production teams to deliver installations that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.

He has recently completed his WSET Level 2 award in wine and spirits.

Detail from our limited edition Wine Carousel – Click for full showcase

Expanding his knowledge of wine has become a true passion for Simon. He loves sampling different grape varietals and developing his palate – a very enjoyable thing to research! With his  WSET Level 2 under his belt, there’s never a lack of excuse to share a bottle or two with friends and family.
Simon’s dream wine is

As a father of two small children Simon doesn’t have a huge amount of spare time but when he gets the chance he loves to get out and play hockey. He also spends his Sundays, shouting on the field coaching the local U8’s rugby team, which he likens to trying to herd a swarm of flies into a plastic cup.
Simon’s perfect day sporting day out would be watching England beat their opponents at Twickenham.
When he does get some “quiet time” he loves reading books and is particularly interested in military history and polar exploration, Winston Churchill and Ernest Shackleton being his heroes.
Simon has a passion for watches and loves wandering around antique shops looking for interesting pieces. His ultimate watch would be a Patek Philippe world time reference 1415 with enamel dial.

Detail from a Cellar Maison Wine Room – Click for full showcase

It’s great to have Simon on board. The fact that he “walks the talk” as a wine-loving, family person, means he can relate extremely well to our clients and our collaborating partners in the world of wine and design.
Please do get in touch  about any wine cellar inquiry, either commercial or residential.
You’ll be guaranteed of a friendly reception!

The team over at Gayan and Nathanour friendly experts in wine advisory services, palate profiling and wine collecting services, have plans afoot that we would like to share with you. Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, and Helen Nathan, published food writer, chef and champion of entertaining, already offer tailored, wine-centric events across key parts of Europe and beyond – see their Portugal trip here.

But, what about local experiences, right here in London? Solution – Helen and Marina are launching a series of unique events that focus on food and wine, with a twist of something fascinating, historically engaging, mysterious or positively molecular…. intrigued? We will keep you posted about when and where these events are – you can in keep touch with Gayan and Nathan events on their site too:

Click on through to this little taster of their 14th century food research!

Gayan and Nathan Cellar Maison Medieval Feast

From medieval banquets to 21st century molecular gastronomy – Gayan and Nathan are the ones to take you on a fun and educational wine and food journey.

Cellar Maison  work closely with Gayan and Nathan and have special arrangements for our clients to enjoy exclusive offers on events and personalised wine advisory services.

Wouldn’t a private Palate Profiling within your new Cellar Maison Wine Wall, Wine Pod or Wine Cellar be something special?



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What a year! We hope you’re all ready for a relaxing few days off with family and friends – and of course, have some festive bottles tucked away to share and enjoy.

Wine Wall Cellar Maison

As 2016 draws to a close and we welcome in 2017, we’d like to take a moment to offer our sincere thanks to everyone we’ve worked with this year.
To both our private home-owner clients, and our professional partners in the design and property development space – It’s a real privilege to work with you in this exciting and creative area that encompasses the wonderful combination of wine and fine design.
All the best from the whole Cellar Maison team for a happy and healthy year ahead.

Below we have a few favourite moments of the Cellar Maison year we’d love to share with you.


2016 has proved to be a breakthrough year for Cellar Maison with technological advances, a new high capacity wine wall in our range and some standout projects installed in the UK and Europe. Cellar Maison’s notable achievements include two installations in a newly established Stanmore restaurant; a refurbished barn conversion which will now be the home to a 2000 bottle wine collection, and a limited edition Wine Carousel installed in the stairwell of a penthouse apartment in the King’s Library, Chelsea.

During the year we’ve featured a number of our newly installed Wine Cellars, Wine Pods and Wine Walls on our blog.
The photo above is an example of a new walk in Wine Pod with that has been designed as a special feature of our clients’ home. A bespoke cellar using contemporary and traditional materials, ambient lighting and fully climate control for optimum wine cellaring. The cellar sits stylishly behind our exclusive, custom-made frameless glass. See this particular Wine Pod in a full showcase coming up in January 2017.

Another highlight of the Cellar Maison year, is the fantastic partnership with wine advisory specialists, Gayan and Nathan. We love the dynamic duo of Marina Gayan, Master of Wine, one of the world’s few; along with chef and all round fun person, Helen Nathan. To offer our clients professional wine buying and cellaring advise, as well as individual palate profiling, puts a whole new spin on the joy of owning a cellar.

Below, Marina writes a letter about what they’re drinking at home this season, with some great recommendations. Then check Helen’s superbly tasty (and easy) canape idea.

Festive Drinks - Cellar Maison

Letter from Marina Gayan, Master of Wine – 

Christmas is a time to relax, indulge and share wi z es! Besides, trying to match wines to the diverse flavours of Xmas day lunch would be a nearly impossible task!

This year we are going classic and treating ourselves to Champagne and Burgundy, Louis Roederer & Leflaive Meursault (for my husband) and Etienne Sauzet Puligny-Montrachet (for me). When it comes to reds we will go both New World and Old World; starting with my dearest friend Steve Pannell’s gorgeously elegant and luscious S.C. Pannell Grenache from McLaren Vale followed by La Spinetta Barbaresco Gallina, both favourites of ours.

But of course we are bracing ourselves for a Northern Hemisphere cold and gloomy Christmas day. If I were in Australia for example, in short sleeves and flip flops, I may opt for something lighter and fresher. Maybe a Clare Valley Riesling like Grosset Polish Hill, and I would probably go for something still refreshing but with more weight and an exotic edge, like Larry Cherubino’s Fiano from Frankland River. If I still craved Burgundy I would have a Chardonnay from Cullen in Margaret River or Neudorf from Nelson, New Zealand – that as you know is in my top list!

What will you be drinking?

Marina x
P.S. I would still have my SCP Grenache a bit more chilled!



Gayan and Nathan’s Helen Nathan, chef and food writer, shares a simple & super-delicious recipe for a canape to enjoy with drinks 

Makes 20 individual mouthfuls

Prepare: 10 minutes (especially if you can find some little helpers)
Cook: No cooking required
  • 10 slices Parma ham
  • 1 small creamy goat cheese log
  • 1 jar fig jam
  1. Cut each piece of Parma ham into two strips
  2. Cut a small piece of cheese and place this with a teaspoon of fig jam in centre of ham and roll up into a parcel. If you have the time/inclination, you can tie each parcel with a length of fresh chive to make Xmas parcels.
Make in Advance? Yes, these can be made the day before and kept in the fridge.



This year Cellar Maison exhibited at two major shows in the London Design Festival. It was great to meet so many of you there. We’re very proud of the Cellar Maison team who worked so hard to create and install two beautiful, custom made Wine Walls from our signature range. Also on display was one of our new, limited edition Wine Carousel. You can read more here about the shows – As well as the winner of our fabulous Cellar Maison / Gayan and Nathan competition!

We’ll keep you posted about both public and trade events coming up in 2017.

Thanks again from the whole Cellar Maison Team – Happy 2017!
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The London Design Festival in September of this year was a veritable candy-store of tantalising interiors, cutting edge design, innovation and style. The greatest of international talent was showcased at a variety of events throughout London.

Cellar Maison exhibited at both Decorex and the Restaurant Design Show. For each show, we installed two Wine Walls from our signature range, plus a limited edition, Wine Carousel  – Fully stocked with wine from The New Zealand Cellar, just to offer the full experience.

It was a real honour to have the chance to meet so many people from a fascinating array of backgrounds, all connected in some way by the love of fine design and wine.

Traditional wine pod (1) (Copy)


During the two shows, we ran a competition in conjunction with our collaborating partners at Gayan and Nathan. Gayan & Nathan offer a unique service that seeks to ‘map’ their clients’ palates and define an individual taste profile that is then used to inform future selections of wine.  They offer professional wine advisory and buying services, as well as great fun events where you can truly learn to understand your palate and wine preferences.

Gayan & Nathan personal shopping(1)


On offer in the competition was a private 1-2-1 Palate Profiling Consultation with Master of Wine Marina Gayan of Gayan & Nathan and a case of wine selected by Marina based on the winner’s personal palate preferences.


We had just over 200 entrants who left their details with us and we are pleased to announce the winner, Lucy Ford of Goose Design Interiors, who has now been informed.

Congratulations Lucy – A lovely case of wine, based on your individual palate profiling consultation with Marina Gayan MW, will soon be on its way to you!

Cellar Maison are always on hand for bespoke wine cellar advice, design consultations and Gayan and Nathan are here for wine advisory services.

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Our intrepid wine and food partners, Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan have been off in Portugal on a culinary research mission to Lisbon. Just one weekend unearthed some heavenly finds and here they share tips, ideas and details of what they ate and drank.

If it’s not already on your “Must Visit” list, it’s likely to be now.

Getting there: Lisbon is only 2 hours and 40 minutes from London – An easy flight and you’re there – what’s not to love for a wine and food centric weekend (or longer) away?


Gayan and Nathan specialise in wine advisory and specialist buying services for home cellars large and more modest. They also hold local events that beautifully facilitate awareness and knowledge of ones own palate and preferences in wine.  See a snapshot of a private evening for one wine loving couple here.

Helen’s food credentials make her the ideal match to Marina’s rare Master of Wine status. Their effervescent sense of fun makes them perfect travel guides as well local event hosts.

The Cellar Maison team, having experienced Marina and Helen’s unique wine and food offerings first hand, as well as seeing them work with our wine-collecting clients, recommend them to anyone – Give them a call or email with any questions. Details HERE on their site.

For all bespoke wine cellar inquiries, you can reach Cellar Maison HERE.

Thank you,

Cellar Maison Team

Traditional wine cellar (13) (Copy)

Detail from a Traditional style cellar by Cellar Maison

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Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan are the talented duo at Gayan and Nathan, a bespoke professional wine service.

Marina is one of only a few hundred world-wide to have gained a Master of Wine. Read here for more about the Master of Wine (MW).

Helen’s professional expertise in food includes publications and experience in some of the word’s top restaurants.  Together, they introduce their clients to wines they will love, driven by their individual palate choices and not labels. Their service is exclusive and unique.

Marina and Helen

Marina and Helen

Cellar Maison are very pleased to bring our clients exclusive events and personal services through Gayan and Nathan to help enhance knowledge and enjoyment of buying, drinking and cellaring wine.

Here is a Q&A with input from both Marina Gayan MW and Helen Nathan. Marina will be providing more technical answers to questions in articles coming up.

Following on from here, we will also offer the rare opportunity to ask Marina Gayan specific questions of your own. Keep in touch here for details.

Q:  What are your core services offered at Gayan + Nathan?

A: First and foremost we want to help people find wines they really enjoy. We offer a palate profiling service – A type of ‘treasure hunt’ – where we examine wines clients currently drink, test their palate and then introduce them to similar or complimentary styles from other wine regions across the world. Once we know what wines suit, we run a personal wine shopping service and can advise on stocking and maintaining small or large cellars. Being independent, we buy on our clients’ behalf from some of the worlds best wine makers and importers. Additionally, we have helped fill cellars in ski chalets and game lodges around the globe.

Q: Who do you work with? Is this something that can be tailored to individual needs?

A: We work with anyone interested in wine; from the novice wine enthusiast, embarking for the first time on filling a cellar, through to the most experienced collectors, who may have knowledge in certain areas, but wish to expand their wine horizons – as one client put it “Gayan and Nathan awakened the inner wine child in me again!”

Q: Do you find there is an element of anxiety from people concerned about ‘getting it wrong’ when it comes to wine choices?

A: It’s all about enjoyment, so for us it’s important to remove any possible anxiety. We metaphorically hold your hand every step of the way. There are no right or wrong answers it’s purely about personal taste. With Marina’s vast wine knowledge, having tasted thousands of wines (and noted her results) over almost 3 decades, she uses this unique experience to link tastes and styles and help our clients find wines again and again that they really enjoy, not driven by labels or fashion.

Q: How do you cater to the requirements of your clients who are established wine collectors and what particular services are best suited to them?

A: Some clients are extremely knowledgeable and we love meeting people who share our passion. Some Bordeaux collectors might be interested to expand their knowledge of super Tuscans or the cooler climate regions of the new world. Others might love Pinot Noir but wish to learn more about how the grape is used outside Burgundy. We have run blind left bank vs right bank Bordeaux tastings, horizontal tastings of a particular chateaux, the list is endlessly exciting! We are keen to talk to anyone who shares our love of wine, whatever their knowledge or experience.

Q: What is the best way for someone who would like to develop their knowledge of wine and wine cellaring at home to start?

A: The best way to start is to open bottles and taste wines blind. You wouldn’t buy a perfume purely on the packaging and you shouldn’t buy wines because someone else tells you they are good. With the total number of taste buds humans have ranging from 500 to 11,000, people at opposite ends of this spectrum will have a natural predisposition to like different styles of wines. Which wines you like when tasted blind is purely a matter of personal taste. That’s why at Gayan and Nathan we start everything we do with palate profiling.

Q: Do you have advice for people concerned about how to choose the best wine to compliment the food they are serving?

As a chef, I think it’s really important to match wines to suit the food you enjoy. We always accompany our wine suggestions with suggested menus and food pairings Wine on its own can taste completely different when drunk along side food. At a recent blind sparking session we tasted a selection of wines including Bollinger NV, which none of the guests surprising enjoyed until accompanied with food.

Q: How do you find people respond during and after your Palate Profiling?

A: Some people worry that the session may be intimidating but we always try and put clients at ease and explain that there are no right or wrong answers. As soon as you bag up a wine and cover its label, the only question you have to ask yourself is “do I like it or not’ People often come away from palate profiling pleasantly surprised with a new found love of a different style to one they have currently coveted. We don’t try and trick people or catch them out. Sometimes the most experienced wine drinkers find it hardest to let go of their intellectual wine knowledge and let their palate lead the show. Palate profiling isn’t there for people to guess what they are drinking, but to dig a little deeper and examine what it is about certain wines they like or dislike.


Marina Gayan MW will be answering general cellaring questions soon, but in the meantime if you have anything specific you would like to ask her or Helen Nathan, please contact us at or with subject line: G&N Wine Question.

The Gayan and Nathan private palate profiling service is lead by Master of wine Marina Gayan with food specially prepared by chef Helen Nathan. This can organised in your own home or office with up to 4 guests. For further information, please contact Helen Nathan at

Contemporary Wine Wall Esher

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The prestigious Decorex design show is coming up fast – Book here to secure your tickets for either Trade Professionals in any area of interior design and property development; or Consumer tickets those who love style, design and want to be truly inspired by the exhibitors at this annual event. A magnificent array of exhibitors will be attending and the event is stylishly catered for food and drinks including the Champagne Bar designed exclusively this year by 1508 London.

Cellar Maison will be there for the whole event – 18th – 21st of September, 2016. We’ll be speaking to architects, interior designers, property developers and of course those wishing to create their own private wine cellar at home.

We invite you to come and say hello – You can also pre-register with us here first to let us know you’ll be attending. We are happy to set up a private appointment to talk in more depth at a time to suit you. As premium, bespoke designers of our signature Wine Walls, Wine Cellars and Wine Pods, we have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of secure wine storage – and the aesthetic attention to design and style that results in exquisite results.

This year at Decorex, we have very special guests at our stand – Marina Gayan MW and her business partner Helen Nathan, who together are Gayan + Nathan, will be on site for two days only – 19th – 20th of September. Please come and meet them and hear how you can enter the draw to WIN an exclusive Private Palate Profiling session and 6 bottles of expertly selected wine based on the winner’s palate.


Marina and Helen


Gayan + Nathan offer an exclusive, unique wine advisory service that includes wine selection, cellar stocking and management, education and palate profiling.

We’ll keep you posted as we near the event but do get your tickets as soon as you can! Looking forward to seeing our clients and meeting many new people.

Cellar Maison.

Wine - Commercial Space











Cellar Maison are delighted to introduce a collaboration that will open exciting doors for our network of existing Cellar Maison clients – and all those interested in wine and food!

Please meet Marina Gayan and Helen Nathan, the incredible team who have developed Gayan & Nathan, an exclusive and unique wine advisory business that takes wine selection, education and palate profiling to a whole new level.

Both Marina and Helen have impressive credentials, qualifications and experience in the wine and food field. Their combined talents are thankfully now accessible through the events and services they have created.gayanandnathan_B:CD_11MAY15

Marina Gayan, MW, completed her Master of Wine in 2003 – An extremely rigorous training programme and commitment. There are in fact, currently just over 350 MW in the entire world. It’s a truly extraordinary status to hold and one which Marina shares with endearing warmth and generosity to her clients and guests.

She has contributed articles to Decanter magazine and has been an IMW (Institute of Masters of Wine) examiner for six years and continues to be involved in its education programme.

Helen Nathan comes with over 15 years of experience in the wine field and was formerly a chef in Claridges. She is a published author of four successful cookery books and currently owns and runs a South West London Cookery School. With food as her obvious passion, Helen’s skills perfectly compliment Marina’s. Their wine events, services and offerings are without a doubt, uniquely delicious, educational and inspiring!

Marina and Helen beautifully blend luxury with a down to earth approach for enjoyment, knowledge and ease with wine on an individual level.

Gayan and Nathan offer a bespoke personal wine shopper service which includes Individual Wine Profiling, Cellar Stock Management and Tailored Tastings and Private Celebrations.  

One stand-out point of difference, is their development of an exclusive way to introduce their clients to wines they will love. Sounds simple but looking into it further, we see how well Gayan and Nathan have evolved from the traditional concepts of wine education and wine and food matching.

Traditional wine pod (1) (Copy)

The Gayan and Nathan approach is driven by the profiling of their individual clients’ palate choices – rather than pre-conceived ideas about wine, perceived geographic preferences, prices or labels where it’s easy for even the most seasoned wine collector to become stuck or rigid thus missing out on some incredible revelations.

Gayan and Nathan’s specialist Palate Profiling, is a fascinating concept – To explore your palate with such an emphasis on your own unique taste in both wine, and the food you personally enjoy with it. This allows any wine collector, enthusiast or novice to engage deeply with their wine and food and evolve to a true understanding of their tastes, as well as enjoying the intriguing nuances and individual tastes of others.


We will shortly be bringing you news of exclusively tailored Cellar Maison and Gayan and Nathan events. Plus, information that directly relates to your wine collection – How best to cellar your wine and add to your collection, as well as the all important enjoyment of tasting your wine and creating heavenly food to best compliment your personal tastes.

Contemporary wine pod (2) (Copy)A Cellar Maison Wine Wall – Enjoy wine and food surrounded by your collection.





















We’re delighted to share the following review from a client in Wimbledon, London:

We approached Cellar Maison to create a bespoke wine wall that doubled as a room divider. The result is fabulous. Our wine is on display at the correct temperature and the room we weren’t using has now become a study and second lounge area. Andrew and Nick have an amazing product which they deliver with professionalism and personality. During the design process, Andrew and Nick listened carefully to our requirements both from a design and budget perspective and produced a great design. Installation was managed extremely well and each separate contractor used was polite and accommodating. They were a pleasure to have in our home. All time frames were met and we would have no hesitation in recommending Cellar Maison to anyone looking to create personalised wine storage. All our friends are very envious.
Stephanie, Wimbledon
Wine Wall - Able to be viewed from either side

Wine Wall – Able to be viewed from either side

The reverse side of the wine wall offers a lovely glow in the living area

The reverse side of the wine wall offers a lovely glow in the living area

Thank you from the whole team here at Cellar Maison.

It’s very touching to receive these personal responses to our cellar installations. Cellar Maison’s overarching intention  is to make each and every one of our cellars a wonderful feature in the home – or if commercial, a stunning addition to the bar or restaurant.
To contact us for inquiries about the perfect Wine Cellar, Wine Wall or Wine Pod, please call or email us.
+44 (0)20 8242 4367
Wine Wall Cellar Maison