Cellar Maison’s Top 5 Winter Adventures to Heat up the Spirits

Sometimes the winter glooms can take hold but if you’re up for thinking outside the box, why not brave it and embrace the icy chill? An adventure is called for!

That doesn’t mean roughing it on hard rations – rather, enjoying the great outdoors with the comfort of hearty food and warming drinks. Cellar Maison have put together some ideas for cheer from the cellar and the kitchen. Having a stocked cellar is a treat to stay home with, and to raid for a winter outing.

1. Romancing the Winter – Champagne Breakfast

Dress up warmly, grab a rug and someone special, some hearty food, glasses and a  bottle of champagne – (or even better, a bottle of stunning UK sparkling wine!) and head out in the magical dawn, sparkling, icy, white and wonderful!

Ideas for food – Whip up a frittata and take it with you, warm in the pan, wrapped up in a clean tea towel. Grab some pastries from your favourite bakery. Or, weird but actually wonderful … make some creamy porridge, put it in a flask to keep hot and serve outdoors, with lots of brown sugar or honey and a glass of bubbly … Pauper meets Prince combination!

Finish off with hot coffee from a flask.

2. Winter Picnic with Friends

Recipe for a great winter weekend:

–       A bunch of mates, rugs and picnic paraphernalia

–       A few bottles of your favourite wine – don’t scrimp just because you’re going outside! Check the cellar…

–       Glasses – because drinking out of plastic just won’t do

–       Food – keep it simple and hearty – How about a mobile stew? Take it to the venue, still hot in a big enamel pot. Loaves of crusty sourdough bread. Butter. Serve in robust plates that are made for outdoors – vintage enamel is great!

–       Dessert – Rich chocolate raspberry brownies – transport in the pan.

 3. Cook Up

If you’re lucky enough to be somewhere you can light a fire outside, why not embrace the inner cave dweller and have a cook up?

Roast a whole fish, cook sausages on sticks, or even just toast some marshmallows – open a bottle of something suitably robust and enjoy staring into the flames, smelling the smoke, telling stories and keeping warm in the way our ancestors did.

4. Hike the Moors

Head out early, find a sturdy walk to do and pace it out, warm up with physical exercise. The reward: Unpacking the picnic lunch. Bye bye boring – hello to opening a bottle of great wine, some really fine sandwiches; Rare roast beef, rocket and parmesan cheese in sourdough. Proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, caramalised onions and spinach leaves on a rustic ciabatta. Pastrami, Gruyere cheese, pickles and raddichio or cos lettuce in a luscious rye sourdough. Remember to pack a block of chocolate for dessert, moral and sustenance on the way back.

5. Night Vision

When the air is freezing and the sky is clear, pack up a little hamper and go for a walk, explore the night-time and check in with the stars.

Take a couple of metal/enamel mugs and a flask of warming tipple of choice:

–       Egg nog

–       Hot toddy

–       Mulled wine/ Gluwein

There are lots of recipes online for these time-true traditional drinks….People knew a thing or two about keeping warm in days gone by!

Cheers to winter from the Cellar Maison team!