Britain a Nation of Wine Drinkers

Here’s an interesting article from The Daily Mail.

Apparently Britain is turning into a nation of wine drinkers with a reported 60% of the population choosing wine over other alcoholic drinks.

It certainly makes sense when we now have such a fine range of local and imported wine available from all the top wine growing countries including the European favourites including France, Spain,Italy and Germany; through to South Africa, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

For professional investors and casual wine collectors, the vast range of wine on the UK market brings a marvelous choice. Easy access to online information about wines and vineyards worldwide allows us to review and plan a collection and enjoy sampling bottles along the way – for research purposes of course!

The extensive choice of wine available, paired with the popularity of wine drinking and collecting throughout Britain encourages wine merchants to really make the most of showcasing wine to their customers online, and in events such as tastings, wine dinners and wine fairs. With so much choice, so many events and fun ways to taste and buy, it’s no wonder we’re loving our wine and cheers to that!

Link to The Daily Mail article.