Sussex Vineyards to Bid for Status of European Wine Regions

English wine makers are forging ahead in export wine sales with figures looking to exceed £100m this year according to The Guardian’s article featured below.

With the growing demand for English wine, there is a push in Sussex led by local wine makers to gain “Protected Designation of Origin“status by the European Union. A successful result will mean the name Sussex being used just as Bordeaux or Champagne are. Protected status is would mean significant benefit for Sussex wine makers and considerable kudos in the world wine stage.

The Guardian have released a fascinating article explaining the finer points of the push for protected status in Sussex and profiling some key people passionate about making this a reality.

Using the term: “A Sussex,”  as we do for a Bordeaux could soon be a reality. Cellar Maison are waiting with anticipation for a positive result and continue to learn about and support local English wine makers and encourage our clients and wine collectors to explore the very attractive vintages coming from Sussex and elsewhere for their cellars.

A couple of vineyards and wine makers you may be interested in looking at include:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a> – Wine maker, Simon Woodhead features heavily in The Guardian article and as you’ll see from the beautiful website, they are producing some exquisite wines and have special winery and vineyard tours by arrangement.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>  – Another stunning site that makes you want to go there immediately, taste wine, talk, eat, visit the local pub as recommended by wine maker and wine lover, Sam Linter. Being the daughter of the founders, it’s a true family affair as you’ll read.

A visit to the Sussex wine region is a highly recommended weekend away if you’re based in London or another feasible distance. The local scene is very likely to surprise and delight. Let us know your recommendations and experiences if you’re there and as always, please share your wine collecting tips and finds.