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Wine Cellars Popular in London - Cellar Maison Feature in Evening Standard

We’re delighted to have one of our Wine Pods featured and pictured in the Evening Standard – See below.

Having a cellar in the house is becoming a reality for an increasing number of homeowners in London and across the UK.

Because there are options to suit any space, our clients can tailor a cellar solution that perfectly complements their style as well as maximizing the available position in the home. Wine Walls are immensely popular since they not only provide a stunning talking point and visual feature but also take up only as much space as the depth of a bookshelf.

Featured in the Evening Standard is a Wine Pod, another of our most popular options for home cellars. Wine Pods can be built into a room and utilize custom-made glass enclosures within which the wine is stored at optimum temperature and humidity with our specialized climate control systems. The glass also gives the aesthetically pleasing view of the bottles displayed and specially lit to highlight the collection.

Accessibility of a wine collection is one of the driving decisions to opt for a home cellar rather than expensive, off-site bonded storage. Architects, property developers, and interior designers work directly with Cellar Maison to tailor wine cellars to homes as part of a new build, full or partial renovations. Being able to partner with designers at the early stages is a key feature of the Cellar Maison service offering. Our 3D visual overviews give clients a full vision of their new cellar. Our successful projects give design and architect partners trust in our designs and reliable project delivery.

For full details and professional specification inquiries from designers, architects, property developers and individual home owners, please contact us through our site or on info@cellarmaison.com