The Cellar Maison team expanded quite drastically last year as we took on more talented team members and so it quickly became obvious that we needed a new home with more room to breathe and create.  We began our search around 9 months ago and it proved quite an undertaking. With the increase in small to medium sized creative business in London it appeared that we were obviously not the only ones on the hunt for a cool studio space, with storage, parking, good transport links and great local amenities. But we persevered and found a really great office in the historical Parkhall Business Centre, Dulwich, SE21. The move went quite smoothly thanks to the help of Tom and his team at We Move Mountains.  Our new office overlooks West Norwood Cemetery, a major ecological and historical site and one of the first private landscaped cemeteries in London known as The Magnificent Seven.

History of Parkhall Business Centre

Researching the original use of the Parkhall Business Centre took us on an interesting journey of discovery. Initially my search included ‘SE21’ and the results predominantly returned all the historical data relating to Dulwich ever written! However, once we took the search down the industrial and early manufacturing route we discovered the true roots of the Parkhall building.  The building that we now occupy was built by The Telephone Manufacturing Company (TMC) in the 1930’s in the art deco style: both practical and beautiful. The building boasts ceilings over 3.5 metre high, huge windows which flood the rooms with light and very spacious corridors and access points.   The company originally undertook manufacturing and research within the factory but as the business expanded it split into two separate organisations, the Telephone Manufacturing Co (1929) and Telephone Rentals Ltd. It is fascinating to walk the corridors and stairwells of the building where once resided the great minds that developed the early technology of telecommunications.\r\n

A Hub of Creative & Bespoke Activity

\r\nIt has taken a while but we are all now quite used to the warren of corridors that make up the building and contain some very interesting businesses.The Parkhall Business Centre is brimming with a plethora of creative companies producing everything from artisan coffee (see Volcano Coffee) to Bespoke Lighting. Here are some of the other great companies residing in the building: