Filling the Festive Cellar - Recommendations from Humble Grape

Cellar Maison have been chatting to James Dawson of Humble Grape, an independent wine merchant with a carefully selected stock of excellent wine to browse and buy online.

We are dedicated to working with professional, trustworthy wine merchants to help our clients stock their new cellars and build a valuable and enjoyable cellar for your tastes and budget over the years.

To read our interview with founder of Humble Grape, James Dawson click here.

Also, have a look at their very successful recent London event profiling wine and food matches for Christmas and the festive season:

Quick Fact All of Humble Grape’s vineyards are exclusive to them, organic, biodynamic or lutte raisonne – ‘reason to struggle’.


Browse their website, book into a wonderful tasting event, and if you’re after a really exclusive service, enquire about their cellar collection services – the perfect compliment to your Cellar Maison, bespoke wine cellar:

Quick Fact Cellar Maison cellars can be created in any sized space in your home – from small scale to grand, in any room of the house, above ground or below and are all climate controlled for perfect wine storage.

If you don’t think you have space for a wine cellar think again and have a look at our exclusive Wine Walls and Wine Pods.