Gayan and Nathan + Cellar Maison // Perfect Match


Cellar Maison are delighted to introduce a collaboration that will open exciting doors for our network of existing Cellar Maison clients – and all those interested in wine and food!

Please meet Marina Gayan and Helen Nathan, the incredible team who have developed Gayan & Nathan, an exclusive and unique wine advisory business that takes wine selection, education and palate profiling to a whole new level.

Both Marina and Helen have impressive credentials, qualifications and experience in the wine and food field. Their combined talents are thankfully now accessible through the events and services they have created.

Marina Gayan, MW, completed her Master of Wine in 2003 – An extremely rigorous training programme and commitment. There are in fact, currently just over 350 MW in the entire world. It’s a truly extraordinary status to hold and one which Marina shares with endearing warmth and generosity to her clients and guests.She has contributed articles to Decanter magazine and has been an IMW (Institute of Masters of Wine) examiner for six years and continues to be involved in its education programme.

Helen Nathan comes with over 15 years of experience in the wine field and was formerly a chef in Claridges. She is a published author of four successful cookery books and currently owns and runs a South West London Cookery School. With food as her obvious passion, Helen’s skills perfectly compliment Marina’s. Their wine events, services and offerings are without a doubt, uniquely delicious, educational and inspiring!

Marina and Helen beautifully blend luxury with a down to earth approach for enjoyment, knowledge and ease with wine on an individual level.

Gayan and Nathan offer a bespoke personal wine shopper service which includes Individual Wine Profiling, Cellar Stock Management and Tailored Tastings and Private Celebrations.  

One stand-out point of difference, is their development of an exclusive way to introduce their clients to wines they will love. Sounds simple but looking into it further, we see how well Gayan and Nathan have evolved from the traditional concepts of wine education and wine and food matching.

The Gayan and Nathan approach is driven by the profiling of their individual clients’ palate choices – rather than pre-conceived ideas about wine, perceived geographic preferences, prices or labels where it’s easy for even the most seasoned wine collector to become stuck or rigid thus missing out on some incredible revelations.

Gayan and Nathan’s specialist Palate Profiling, is a fascinating concept – To explore your palate with such an emphasis on your own unique taste in both wine, and the food you personally enjoy with it. This allows any wine collector, enthusiast or novice to engage deeply with their wine and food and evolve to a true understanding of their tastes, as well as enjoying the intriguing nuances and individual tastes of others.

We will shortly be bringing you news of exclusively tailored Cellar Maison and Gayan and Nathan events. Plus, information that directly relates to your wine collection – How best to cellar your wine and add to your collection, as well as the all important enjoyment of tasting your wine and creating heavenly food to best compliment your personal tastes.