How to Design the Perfect Wine Cellar - Prime Resi Quarterly Edition

Once again, Cellar Maison are honoured to be featured in Prime Resi. This time as well as online, we are in their latest print magazine too. This quarterly collection of their very best in luxury properties and interiors is a hefty volume  – certainly one to collect for those interested in the very best in quality and style.

Look for ‘Quarterly Edition’ by Prime Resi – Here is the link to buy online – Winter 2015/16 volume.

Cellar Maison have an interview published with Prime Resi entitled: Tasting Notes: How to Design the Perfect Wine Cellar.  You’ll see a great overview about the scope of the modern wine cellar and some ideas about how people are incorporating them into their homes, whatever the available space and style.

Click here for the article:

Prime Resi Article – Quarterly Volume

Prime Resi, published online daily, along with their print edition quarterly, are dedicated to collating and sharing the very best for discerning home owners as well as professionals in the interior design, architecture and property development field. We would like to offer our thanks for the inclusion in these latest Prime Resi publications.

And from us, Cellar Maison hope all is well with you! We are flying into 2016 bringing our clients’ wine cellar ideas to life.

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