Ingenious Solutions for Home Wine Cellars, whatever the space

There’s always a place and a space for a proper home wine cellar – Cellar Maison make it easy with ingenious solutions.

Making the most of available space in our home is a popular topic in an increasingly high-density living environment. We generally like to have a feeling of open plan living and scale, whatever the space we’re in.

The idea of owning a proper, grown-up wine cellar is a concept that many of us dream of but perhaps feel is out of reach due to lack of space or budget.

Cellar Maison make home wine cellars not only possible, but entirely accessible for all shapes and sizes of space and within a budget that makes it a proposition that will add value to your home as well as enhance your day to day living experience. Clients consistently give feedback about just how much they use and enjoy their cellars; they become focal points of the home.

The design team at Cellar Maison are passionate about tailoring solutions for every client’s individual home at a very personal level. They use a range of high quality materials and technology to give the perfect end result.  Solid wood, stainless steel, copper, glass, iron, stone are a few of the component options. From a traditional French wine cave inspired cellar, to modern, sleek wine walls – back-lit and stylish; the spectrum is endless. All the cellars are climate controlled with unique technology that is essential for safely storing wine.

Surprise yourself with the possibilities – Under the stairs, extended broom cupboards, spare rooms, garages, even a wall cellar that can take up no more space than a bookshelf depth with the right planning.

The best first step when you’re considering a cellar and want to assess the space you have at home is to make contact with Cellar Maison for a free, no obligation discussion.