Last of the Summer Wines

Does anyone else experience that rush to make the most of the last long, summer evenings and warm weekends? Some of the best produce is available at this lovely time of year and it really is a treat to relax, cook, invite friends and indulge in some serious fun times in the precious English sun.

Cellar Maison have been busy designing and fitting beautiful cellars in homes across London and the Home Counties and we are thrilled to hear the feedback from our clients who are now happily sampling wine from their own cellars, as well as building up their collections.

Here are a few inspirations for whipping up late summer food – And, a call out for your favourite wines of this summer – We’d love to hear your comments.

Now, for the food. Keep it simple, use the best of the season and enjoy cooking that suits the gathering.

What about a beautiful, luscious salad of ripe, late summer figs, torn in pieces and tossed through spinach, rocket and radicchio leaves, topped with generous amounts of fresh goat cheese, some crisp grilled pancetta and a simple dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper?

The all time favourite Italian Caprese is perfect at summer’s end too – The genius combination of perfectly ripe tomatoes, silky buffalo mozzarella, fresh picked basil and of course a good swirl of extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper. It’s always a winner and looks stunning on a big platter to share on the table.

Grilled fish on the BBQ is another simple and delicious way to cook and lends itself for shared tables. Serve with some crisp greens, avocado, a fresh salsa verde and some crusty sourdough bread and there’s a meal – oh, and a bottle of something good to enhance the experience.

One of the loveliest things about late summer in England to me, are the wild blackberries, ripe for the foraging. It’s a good fun outing to go and pick them from the local commons and parks and even better to come home and make a good, old fashioned pie for a summer dessert – serve with fresh, organic cream. This one was made with a spelt flour pastry and local organic butter for a rich, nutty taste.

Rather than lament the fading of summer, now is a good time to contemplate an exciting new project – perhaps a wine cellar by Christmas? If you’re thinking of a better way to collect and store your wine safely and beautifully at home, Cellar Maison’s gallery has new designs and inspiration for wine cellars, wine rooms and the signature wine walls. Our consultants are on hand to help you maximise the potential in your home.