Spotlight on: Crystals & Minerals in Interiors

Have you noticed that rising trend of the use of crystals and minerals in interiors?

Rich colour tones, jagged shapes and intricate patterns can be seen everywhere, inspired by these beautifully forged rocks.

Beautiful image of crystals and succulents from blog Moon to Moon

The trend this year has been about bringing nature inside the home. This can be achieved by incorporation blues, greens and earthy tones into your scheme and by using natural materials, crystals and minerals being an example. Often millions of years old and forged during the earliest parts of the earths formation, these beautiful materials come in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns, so you will easily find one to use in or inspire your interior!

Not on the High street sells luxurious agate coasters, great for a pop of colour and way to introduce this trend little by little. The combination of blue and silver brings a royal and elegant element to the table, the high gloss agate and silver detail bouncing and reflecting light and exaggerating their beautiful natural properties.

The beautiful rug from Go Bohemian Wild is a great example of incorporating the pattern from natural geodes into your home to liven up a neutral space. The blue in this agate inspired rug looks amazing against the white washed wood flooring, the brown leather sofa and the other white accessories in the room.

This dark styled room by Dale Rogers Ammonite, a London based company that sources the most beautiful and unique fossils and minerals for interior designers and collectors is a great source of inspiration. The Opal Quartz in this photograph brings light into the dark blue room, illuminating the scene and bouncing light around it. This giant quartz is an example of how minerals and crystals can be used to introduce a tactile texture element into a design scheme, if you have space for it!

Furniture Designers have been incorporating these dynamic materials, creating show stopping and luxurious pieces. Brenda Houston is one of those designers, creating well designed and elegant items using handpicked gemstones and minerals across her lighting, table and accessory ranges. A fantastic example of this is the deep purple and white amethyst coffee tables and how they contrast against the dark bronze bases. I like that the smaller tables have been sliced in an area where natural holes are created through them, making a playful dynamic between beauty and functionality.

Some people use crystals and minerals because they are believed to possess mental and physical healing properties. Carrying small stones on you or by surrounding your home with them can give balance and good energy.  Whether this is purely a placebo effect is up for debate, one thing that is certain is their alluring charm in their multitude of shapes and colours.

There is an increasing number of shops selling terrariums with gems and crystals in them like the one above found on etsy. If you are going to introduce them into your home for some good energy, why not display them like a miniature rocky garden? They require even less maintenance then succulents!

This crystal inspired interior was designed by one of our designers here at Cellar Maison.  A cool pastel colour palette has been paired with materials such as rose quartz, clear quartz and marble for an elegant and luxurious feeling. The dark agate inspired rug draws the room together, its blues and gold tones repeated in the accompanying textured artwork and dark amethyst display crystal.


The feature wine wall in this design uses blue and pink pastel acrylic, creating a fun and on trend wine storage solution. The mirrored back creates a sense of depth and dimension, and exaggerates the beautiful brushed nickel verticals that suspend the bottles in the space. The contrasting blue acrylic is lit using concealed LED lighting, further cooling the room and tying the wall to the rest of the room.

At Cellar Maison we love to experiment with materials. Our team of designers can create a bespoke wine storage solution for you that incorporates any material you desire so why not be bold? Get in touch today for a quote for your bespoke wine cellar, wine wall or wine pod.

Why not take the opportunity to meet us over the course of the next month?  We will be at the exclusive Salon Prive garden party on 31 August to 2 September and exhibiting at 100% Design and the Restaurant Design Show  later in September..