The City Magazine Feature on Cellar Maison Wine Cellar Solutions

We’re delighted with the recent article in The City Magazine featuring Cellar Maison. They’ve captured some key information that helps people understand exactly what can be achieved when we create a wine cellar in the home.

“Virtually any room, above or below ground, can be transformed within a footprint as small as a wardrobe up to an entire room”

The steps we take when working with a client involve:

Design Concept Planning – Where our consultants take a full brief from the client, get an understanding of style preferences, space available and how best to use it. A complimentary 3D drawing is provided to help visualise the final result.

Technical Planning – Here our technical consultants give a full overview on the climate control system and lighting solutions that are aesthetically best and provide the safest environment for your wine collection.

Implementation – The cellar, wine wall or wine pod is expertly made and installed according to the confirmed plans and specifications. If there is an architect or interior designer involved in your project, our consultants liaise with them throughout the process.

Next it’s your turn to fill your new cellar, arrange your collection and toast it with whatever you decide is a fitting drop!

For inquiries and to obtain a quote please contact us here. We also work directly with property developers, architects and interior designers and can provide all technical specifications required to add into a professional quote for clients.