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Modern Glass Wine Wall Cellar Design Ideas for Entertainment Areas


Wine walls are perfect for entertaining areas, showcasing your entire wine collection within a safely conditioned environment


As wine wall specialists, we design, manufacture and install safe, functional and beautiful wine storage walls in virtually any space. Our team have the design and technical expertise to ensure that your project is executed correctly, and delivered on-time and on-budget.

Our custom wine walls are an ideal design solution that often help to resolve one of the most common problems when undertaking interior layout planning; a finite amount of space, and too many ‘must haves’, and ‘nice to haves’. If a bespoke wine cellar is a nice to have, why not let our wine wall specialists design a beautiful and functional wine storage display wall for your home, wine bar or restaurant, that does not take up much more space than a bookcase.



Wine walls are just that; a wall of wine bottles, beautifully displayed behind frameless or framed glass. With a unique climate control system, and LED feature lighting, most installations only require a depth of around 45-70 cm. Bottle capacity can range from 120 bottles to 2,000 or more.


Wine walls are perfect for entertaining areas, and where space for a walk-in wine room is not available.

Tasting rooms - we can also create a series of climate-controlled wine walls within a tasting room, allowing the main space to remain at a comfortable temperature, whilst having full view and enjoyment of the wine collection behind glass.



Our design experts can create, manufacture and install wine walls almost anywhere, either above or below ground. The most common locations to install a wine wall are:

  • Dining room
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Entertaining area
  • Dividing feature wall (glass on both sides)
  • Wine room with a series of wine walls within (tasting room)
  • Restaurant/wine bar front of house

Are you looking to build a wine wall , to free up the floor space, in your dining area, or anywhere else in your home? Cellar Maison provides creative wall-mounted glass wine racks ideas with climate and temperature-controlled systems. Wall-mounted wine racks are able to store as many bottles as a traditional wine cellar.